Monday, July 31, 2006

Come Eat with me

Art Amok Charity Dinner
Monday, July 31, 5 p.m. until closing
Wahoo! A Decatur Grill,
1042 College Ave, Decatur.

Charitable dinner to benefit the Art Amok Poetry Slam Team. Tell your server you're dining for Art Amok, and 10% of your bill will be donated to our cause!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Blurrrr

what a crazy summer!
i have been non stop since my birthday and ......... i think I like it!
keeps me young and virile.....and fucking exhausted.
i honestly don't think i know any other way to be.
the only thing i regret is that i haven't been able to make the Java Monkey.
i miss my fellow primates and the super octane coffee. i am hoping to get over there this week end, but who knows. this week has been slow thank the goddess! we performed at the Sentient Bean in Savannah last week end and it was awesome. there was a slam and i won. then there was the beach and the ocean and the rehearsing of group pieces. stacie, pho and i are having so much fun it should be illegal or at least have a legal limit assigned to it. i think overall the team has the same goals in mind
to have fun!
do our best!
bring it!
have fun!
if we manage to do more than that then we will call it gravy and sop it up with a biscuit...mmmm that's good eating! i think folks know that the gigging and rehearsing is keeping us pretty damn busy. so far there was Alabama, north Carolina, Savannah, south Carolina, add to that camp coca cola for me and it's been one road trip after another!
we have the Dallas slam before nationals and then i think for the first day of school i will be there in a poetry fog and quite tired. they may actually, not have homework the first week. nah, who am i kidding, i always give homework the first's what i do. especially considering that i know for a fact that some of my students haven't cracked open a book all summer. my brain is bursting with poetry.
i really want to go hear poetry this week end, i have a show at the library then karaoke poetry Saturday night! be there!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Random weirdness

it's here
that time in a relationship
where i fuck up
scripted or not here is the time when....shit happens
i am aware of it
i put the training wheels on my tongue
to make sure i'm careful with my words
i unlocked the door that covers my heart
left it cracked
heard it's sexy that way
i listened
i laughed
i was good
really good
then that feeling
not earth shattering
but different
like everything shifted
and i'm still the star in this
movie the relationship
but i am also black
you know what that means
i could be killed off at anytime and
left to appear in my relationship as a flashback
or a recent, not too distant memory
i should fire the director
i could save the day
i know i can hell i'm the star
i set this movie in motion
so, i'll flip the script
i'll fling open the door to my heart
i'll lose the damn training wheels
i'll be bad
really bad in that lick your lips
kinda way
cause i'll be damned if i'll sit in the audience of my relationship
trying to spot my name
in the credits
as they speed by

Sunday, July 02, 2006

DN fucking A

It still boggles my mind how someone who shares my DNA strand
could be so fucking stupid, self-centered, and have no sense of what a family is or does.
Family communicates even if it arrives in the form of raised voices or drunken carousing. Family looks you in the face knows your name and has your back on a good day on a bad day you may be on your own.
My family is not perfect.
If they were I would have to kill them in their sleep.
I don't want perfection.
I want to know that if I need you even if you're pissed you're going to be there.
That if you need me even if I'm pissed you know I'll be there.
That's what I have with my mother, sister and brothers.
My family now extended to the tune of 13 grandchildren, nieces and nephews all knowing that if they need, someone, if not all of us are there.
But that pesky strand didn't just come from my mother.
There was a bio-dad or sperm donor at some point.
Who's attributes seem to be lying, cheating, ignoring, and just fucking up as a principle.
If those genes ever kick in in my personality, take my ass out.
Anyway that seems appropriate don't run the risk of me infecting or affecting people in a way that's just wrong.
Assholism, is a disease with no cure, I refuse to be infected.
This rant.....
My grandmother, the one I'm named after, is almost pushing 80.
By chance my brother calls her to say, ....Hey!
Only to find out that his girlfriend ( bio-dads g-friend the one he had since before his wife died in December) answers the phone where it is learned that she's (grandma) been in the hospital, just released recently.
Does the bio-dad call any of the four children he fathered?............
Still waiting for the call.
She wants to know why we aren't there because she's sure out father called us.
I mean why wouldn't he?
I'm thinking he can't fucking remember that some of us were born,
he doesn't know any of his granchildren
and couldn't call his oldest granddaughter to congratulate her on graduating,
let alone come to her graduation,
but he can call me so that I can wish his crackhead step-son
congratulation on his early parole from prison.
I pray that fucked- up and assholism skips generations.