Sunday, March 26, 2006

Karaoke Poetry!

What a night!
We had a blast and those of you who missed it missed something moving, special, and fucking hilarious! Celebrating Karen G, it's her birthday you know, and the love was there. Those who wanted to be covered sent their poems to me and I created these very cute, very clever (if I do say so myself, and make no mistake about it I do!) playbooks. Participants covered the poet they wanted! Alice (the mom) let me choose hers so I had her do poems from Stacie Boschma and Collin Kelley. Needless to say she rocked the both of them, and having your mom read a poem about sex at Collin's parents house was something that needed top be experienced. Amanda Kail's reading of The Gambler as a spoken word piece would have made Kenny Rogers proud! And you know what because we had so much fun, his ass should have been there. Collin's version of This Ones For You was superb and came with audience participation! Stacie did a great job with Butterflies and Rainbows! Karen G, covering Collin's Why I want to Be Pam Grier was soooooooo good! Phoenix held her own with GIMMIE SUM. Ethan cover The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and I believe he came in 3rd for the Slam! The funniest performance came from our only participant who was not a poet. Cutie Rochelle did a very dirty version of Spice Girls Wanna Be that sent folks running from the theater. My mother hooting and laughing it up ( and the wine may have had a little to do with it) only encouraged more naughtiness. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. We didn't have an enormous crowd but the cool kids showed up and that's all that fucking matters! Next time you make sure you show up! We'll put you on the COOL KIDS list!
You missed the first of many Karaoke Poetry events.
Miss the next one and Coolness maybe forever beyond your reach!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I met Saul Williams on Sunday!
Then found out I knew his daughter.
Her name is Saturn.
She came to visit my school in January in hopes of being a potential student.
How small is the world.
How miniscule.
Saul, and Cindy and I talked about school, holding up the line for his book signing.
What a beautiful man.
Very profound.
I read new pieces at Java after the signing. I read a piece that resembles another squishy poem. I read it for a friend. I think it went well, there was slight blushing!
I am in flux again.
I don't mind the sensation of changes and changing what bothers me is the loose control I temporarily have over my emotions.
It throws me off.
I say that and some don't understand what I mean.
When I am thrown off,
it's like there is a break in the electrical impulse
that pushes information to my head.
And where I would normally
say no to something
those seconds of disconnect and I start to,
I think this might feel good.
That's it, decision made.
These are the times when my
inner guy pops up and I am thinking with parts of my body.
Not Good.
I have learned over the last couple months that
I am what you might call insatiable.
Meaning....stop playing
you know exactly what the fuck that word means.
At any rate, I'm beginning to get on my own nerves.
Hopefully I'll settle down soon.
I do have to admit....I am having lots, and lots, and lots, of fun.

Friday, March 17, 2006


My son is so funny.
he woke up this morning in a great mood especially
considering the 3am visit to my room where he informed
me again that his leg was broken and needed to sleep with me.
He has said this to me on several sleepy night occasions,
so I am not sure sometimes if he has hurt his leg
or he just dreamed he did.
He walks right into my room.
Standing on both legs.
It's just weird 5 year old thing,
I don't think I want to understand.
This morning we get to school,
he goes into his classroom and then runs back to mine.
"Mom, I'm not wearing green! I don't want to get pinched!
It's Patrick Day, you know Sponge Bob."
This cracks my ass up!
I am laughing so hard I'm doubled over.
Then it dawns on me that he could be serious.
That would be a funny holiday,
I need to find out if he was joking.
Believe it or not his humor is so sophisticated,
dark and twisted sometimes.
He tells jokes all the time and their actually funny!
A chip of the old block!
I think everybody should say to at least one person
"Happy Patrick Day, you know Sponge Bob!"
and see what kind of reaction you get.
That is some funny shit!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


oh my god!
what a crazy couple days.
my ignition switch thinggy went out and i had to have it replaced. damn unexpected expense and now i am unexpectedly broke as in no cash money honey! nada!
i don't have a lunch today so i am eating chef boy are dee.
and all i have to say is.......
why does it taste like shit?
shit in sauce. i don't think i have ever tasted anything quite like it. i am about to break my big old rule about wasting food and throw this shit away. anyhow it's more a sub-food, because it taste like shit and the meatballs look like well you know. one of my students says he loves that stuff!
kid clearly has no taste buds cause, damn!
one of my other students fell off a picnic table last friday. i called her mom and she went to the doctor and came in today with a broken collarbone! wtf!
she's been trying to write, bless her heart.

Monday, March 13, 2006


it's like that recurring dream that you have.
you know the one you're there hanging out looking and feeling ok, then you realize you are not naked, but wearing granny panties and your boobies are on backwards! Maybe that's just my dream...Huh.....anyway, something in the cosmos doesn't want me to slam for the monkey. it's to the point of funny. it's amok, then. my personality is probably more like an elephant drunk off her ass tearing shit up, rather than a monkey hyped on coffee. it was the most interesting slam i've been to so far. i really hope the finalist on both teams make themselves familiar with technique and style because a lot of what i heard would be booed off the stage. i can't remember one poem at individuals or at nationals last year where the word bitch was used in reference to a woman. there were no dick poems or vagina monologues. there was cleaver and rarely did you see paper. i suggest everybody go and see slam outside of Atlanta. it will blow you fucking head off, make you chase it across the street (only kicking it twice), pick it up put it back on you shoulder and raise you levels.
i am enjoying the hell out of this!
two slams in one month and in both people confused by the judges and diggin my words!
some pissed some shouting it's all great....loving this!
i love the randomness and the way the listeners connect...well, when they are actually listening.
i have to pace my social life. i've been denied so long i think i'm still in a buffet state of mind. filling my plate even when i am full and still going back for more. makes for a tired body and a foggy mind. i just have to remind myself that i will not starve......ooh dessert!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Why is it that I look like I am taking a poop in performance pictures? Friends, please give me a heads up when I am doing this. This picture was taken at IWPS in February. I am either harping on rainbows and butterflies or I really gotta go. I am going to have to start practicing photo poses when performing, so I just look like I gotta pee, not poop!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

what to do

* note to reader
I am boycotting punctuation marks not all of them only the ones that I don't have use for today
yes, I am using the comma sometimes cause sometimes I don't have issues with comma and there is an exclamation here or there because I am OK with them most of the time, but the other ones can kiss my ass!

cool place
never been here before
exhausted as hell but relaxed and happy
what a concept
tired, relaxed and happy
no wonder I'm not normal
or am I more normal than even normal can be
boggles the mind doesn't it
I am sure there are rules to what I am doing
but I don't really want to get caught up in that
I just want to flow
another hard concept that people can't mesh with
flowing is nice
my only concern with the current flow is that my writing
has taken on this different feel
I am resisting so I am having trouble accessing my angry space
my comfort zone
it's there I saw it this morning when the head idiot was on TV this morning
I will level off soon
I can't wait for Cliterati tonight
I have about three new pieces and they are all over the place
one is all about leave me the fuck alone and go fuck with someone else
the other is all soft and lovey
the last is the rewrites to choose your weapons and ink
this past week end was amazing!
the show at Charis was awesome
and my jedi mind trick is working just fine
my road trip to Vanderbilt was great
they made me feel all celebrity asking for photos and autographs
I sold books and CD's, and aspiring poets recited to me it was good
then the slam an incredible night of poetry
I drew a two, not good, but I was very pleased with my performance and the response from fellow poets and the like
and a friend
all is good

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

a work in progress

a brief excerpt from a piece I'm working on
I fell off the edge of the world
and landed in your arms
all lips
the warmth of your mouth
on mine engulfs me with a sensation
that begs movement of hips and hands
of what lay ahead
and what lay behind green eyes
watching me
watching you
in a want that singes
passion driven by delight
and the glow of
green eyes
drinking me in all
heat and waves

is this thing on

What an amazing couple of weeks!
More like three weeks.
I am elated in all areas of my life right now and it’s been a long time coming.
It only took a year and a half of stalking Doria Roberts before she did a show with me.
I have done my third college gig and it was great!
First slam outside of Atlanta! Awesome!
Green eyes that watch me!
All in all incredible!
My son was the best damn boa constrictor in the whole wide world in his class play!
My class successfully pulled of the play about nothing that included;
a drug reference,
use of the word pessimist,
pirates, yo-yo’s,
a sword fight,
a rap song,
and a Cheney joke!
I think we are up for a Tony!
Trying to get back into my body.
I have had so many experiences this week end,
and discovered hidden talents.
I think I have successfully blown my own mind and maybe the mind of others.
I’m tired and coffee has stopped working.
After this cup I’m switching to energy drinks.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 3rd!!

Charis reading

this Friday night8 pm
by poet
*slam champ
Theresa Davis!

Poetry night at Charis is revived & revitalized!
Bring your words, wisdom & kick off the weekend verbally!
Hear you there!~
Cliterati mama, Karen G.
Charis Books & More
1189 Euclid Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307
Tel: (404)524-0304
Fax: (404)522-6663