Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat's on Crack!!!

Why can Pat Robertson wish a political leader dead on National TV and I can't?
Why can he plead to a group of churchy type folks to help bring about this leaders demise and I can't encourage my activist friends in the same way by the same means?
I'm sorry not demise he wants them to "Take Out" this leader?
Is it because I'm not a member of the 700,
holier than thou,
bass ackwards,
closet racist,
but not far enough in the closet that we don't notice club.
I'm sorry what he said to me is the equivalent of a terroristic threat!
I guarantee if one of us
( heathen assholes that we are)
went on national TV and said
"Someone needs to take OUT Pat with a George on the side,"
The FBI and the CIA not to mention the homeland security dicks would be so far up your ass you'd be shitting political bullshit for the rest of your life!
So here's what we need to do.
We need to join the 700 Club!
Then we need to become a Holier than Thou, Heathenistic Assholes.
Then we can threaten who ever the fuck we want.
When we want (rightnow)!
Where we want ( on national TV)!
How we want ( dangling on God's sleeve) !
Sorry, I can't do it!
That's way to fucked up... even for me!
It's a hard one to get, but you did it!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

National Pictures

That has got to be the ugliest picture I've taken recently. I have taken some bad ones, I guess BUSH IS AN ASSHOLE POETY brings out the ugly in me.

National Poetry Slam
August 2005

Monday, August 22, 2005

Still Up!!!!

School has started back!
I love my new class,
of course we are still in the honeymoon stage
of the 180 day marriage so things could change.
5 boys and 5 girls a nice even mix.
I have just finished with the best summer of my life.
No romance but,
what's love got to do with it.
I traveled,
turned forty,
did all the things I wanted to do and more!
The only things left is to dye my hair.
I can't decide whether to dye it all black to hide the gray, or just do the tips.
The other thing is my tattoo.
I must do this. I
will do this.
I will do this soon.
I will try to do this next weekend!
The show at Theatrical Outfit,
was amazing.
The experience alone was worth trying this new thing!
People really likes the fusion of dance and spoken word.
Warning Signs was incredibly intense, the dancers equally intense and magnificent!
I can not wait for another opportunity to another project like this.
If you want to check out a clip of the rehearsal of the other piece "Thief" check it out here .
I should be getting the other video soon and I will share because it was very exciting!
The IRS came through for me.
How often can those word be spoken?
I have received something from them or state 4 times in the last two weeks,
and I wasn't killed or horribly disfigured by an insane car accident that happened right in front of me Friday night.
Guess I'm not done tearing shit up here on earth so I get to stay.
Art Amok, Kicks Ass! If you weren't there shame on you!
Don't be afraid to come hang out with the cool kids!
I came in second in the slam!
Then an entire bottle of wine became uncorked in the front seat of my car.
There was a puddle of wine in the florr, so now my car smells like it has a problem.
Sunday the final show at the Outfit was my best,
I have met so many cool people this summer,
I feel cool by proxy.
The the Monkey,
where I hit the wall,
The exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks.
I was almost drooling.
The waiter walking by and spilling a very cold liquid down my arm woke me up.
But not for long, I had to leave soon after I shared.
I know this is kind of rambling, but I can do that if I want!
Labry's is considering giving me two pages for poetry in the magazine, please submit poetry to

Friday, August 19, 2005

First Week Back

My poetry high is finally dwindling. Only to be rekindled by the events of this week end!!!!
Art Amok @ 7 Stages this week end is going to be off the chain.
Saturday at the Stages there is a workshop on how to get published as well as an open mic, slam, Katz from Athens Boys Choir will be the feature Lily Lewis performing in the Cafe, and a whole lot more!!!!
Atlanta's second slam team will be forming from this series.
Also this weekend
Choreographer's Corner 2005
August 19 - 21 2005
Theatrical Outfit 84 Luckie Street, Atlanta,Georgia 30303
Featuring new works by choreographers
Antonio Sisk, Lynorris Evans, Kikora Franklin and Dara Steven
sand the collaborative works of Choreographer Dawn Axam,
with Spoken Word Artist Theresa Davis
and Singer/ Songwriter Jahi Kearse.
Premering the much anticipated works of the Dawn Axam Theater Experience
Friday, August 19 @ 8pmSaturday, August 20 @ 3 & 8pmSunday, August 21 @ 3pm$20 Adults / $15 Children and Seniors

This show is mind-blowing and beautiful!
Hope to see you all out and about!

Monday, August 15, 2005

There Are No Mosquitoes In Albuquerque!

Blue skies, warm, dry air
Nationals rocked
and I wish you were there
every where you turned poetic words flowed
over 75 teams competing
who would win no one could know!
Oh My Deity!
Amazing! 75 Teams,
poetry everywhere!
They were all so kind and considerate...Up until the end but I'll get into that later.
The bouts were amazing. I was almost a sacrificial poet for Atlanta's bout until they found out I was from Atlanta. I told them I was from Earth, then John said hey and gave me a hug.
Then, as a volunteer mind you ,I was fired from that position,
and fired from time keeping because I was from Atlanta,
and again fired from score keeping because I was from Atlanta.
The idiot who fired the school teacher, who can add thank you very much, took on drunk score keepers. Poor Karen G she didn't lose her temper, but the word asshole came up when we recapped the evening.
The team from Del Ray had an incredible group peace that rocked! I was a judge for their bout and damn! And Hawaii Oh My Damn, they did a piece called The Americans Are Coming! Breathtaking and in your face!
They had several smaller readings ( still in front of anywhere from 50 the 150 folks) that I attended. My performance were very well received and even leaving for the air port folks were telling me how much they loved the Butterfly piece. I think it's a hit, I took it on the road and they liked it! They had Queer readings, African American readings, Grief and Remembrance, Geek Slam , and World Peace readings! There were many others that I didn't qualify for like, Hispanic Reading, Idigenous, and Asian to name a few! Amazing!!!!!!!!
ABQ won the Nationals.
In the runnings was, Fort Worth, Hollywood, Charlotte and ABQ.
Everybody was awesome.
The Guy from Hollywood did a piece where he took a line from every poet he performed with and every poem performed that night and worked it into this masterpiece, with the ending line " I may not be the best poet, but I am the best Listener!"
There was boooooing in the audience during the show.
I heard a lot of it and some was from Locals the others however were from other teams.
Now, In my opinion when you make anything a kinda spectator sport that kind of thing is par for the course. When Charlotte went to get their second place trophy, one of the poets took it upon herself to reprimand all of ABQ saying that they needed to teach their people some home training, because it was ABQ who was boooing the other poets. Mind you ABQ Team is on the stage waiting to get their first place. She ruined it for them in my opinion. Then to further protest she proceeded to take this completely defensive stand while one of ABQ youngest poets ( who was not allowed to compete) did her piece. She refused to leave the stage, when they finally got her off she yelled and screamed at people back stage, interrupting ABQ'S poet and their win in my opinion.
It all came out like sour grapes and ego.
My momma has always said," you can't walk up into someone else's house and tell them how to raise their children." It was embarrassing, everything was all good and great, the town was incredibly nice and the police looked the other way on so much illegal shit. She fucked up everybody's mood. The head organizer who worked his ass off and probably kissed a lot of ass had to apologize for her outburst. It was a truly fucked up ending to a beautiful thing!
Next year, I am so going to be there! And compete and manage to not be a bitch about anything so's I don't ruin it for others.

The whole time I was their not one mosquito, but those bastards were waiting for me at the airport!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Icing on the Cake

The good times just keep on rolling along.
The IRS came through.
How many times have you been able to say, Yea IRS!
I know me neither.
But, here it is.
My brother got me a flight to Albuquerque with sky miles for my Birthday.
My pals Karen G and Stacie got me a room, for my birthday.
All I had to do was worry about food, venue fees, and drinking, not necessarily in that order.
I was trying to juggle my car note and even asked my mom for money.
Who wants to do that?
I mean she's the coolest mom in the cosmos, but her interest rates could be like....Damn!
Not only was I able to pay my credit card to a zero balance,
I also paid all my doctor bills from my surgery,
all the household bills... Now sport a zero balance,
back to school clothes for the kiddies,
some swanky very inappropriate T-shirts for me,
new jeans ( as my ass is getting wider, and it's all because light beer sucks),
and I will have a no sweat time(except for the heat in NM).
And I can rest assured, and I think that my finances will not be hampered in the future by a deadbeat,
dad that is!
My oldest turns 17 next week and my 4 year old will turn 5, five days later.
I am diggin the upswing, and I do not take it for granted,
for I know that things can change,
in the blink of an eye!!!!
What an INCREDIBLE summer!
Thanks to all of you who made it possible!
I love you madly,
with icing and a cherry on top!
Now if I get laid on top of all this, I may explode!!!!!!
And I have a room by myself with a king size bed so.....It could happen?
So step back, I wouldn't want you to get any on ya.......That is unless you like that sort of thing?

If Loving This is Wrong I Don't Want to be Right

It seems wrong to be this happy.
I said at the beginning of the summer that if I couldn't cut it with this poetry thing,
that I'd have to give it considerably less of my time.
Cut back on everything and stick to the writing aspects.
Never in a million years could I have dreamed the summer I have had!
You get to a point in your life where you don't necessarily expect the worst but it happens.
It occurred to me tonight that I haven't been this happy with myself in a very long time.
My children are supportive and healthy,
and I am starting my 15th school year,
(mind you this is the only job I've had for more than two years),
My ex and Dubya are fucking up royally, but they make for great writing subjects,
I'm traveling,
and in the same week, I do my first internet radio interview,
I get my own poetry page in Labrys Magazine,
and Word Diversity collective Kicks Off!
In addition, a new dance company will premier and two of my poems are a part of the choreography,
I posed naked earlier this summer( with my fat ass),
and managed to make my mother proud at the same time!

And I can't help but think of Jikki!
I love and miss him so much,
and I know in my soul he's proud of me
and I am grateful,
that before he left this world physically
he gave me the verbal kick in the ass
I needed to realize and understand that
I got in the way of my own happiness,
that I deserve to be happy,
and that I am the only one who could do it for me.
He knew he couldn't hand it to me,
but he released me nonetheless.
Thank you, Jikki!
Now I have to go wash my face,
bawling like an idiot will only result in puffy eyes and a major headache.
I couldn't sleep through the thoughts swimming in my brain, now I think I can.
Good morning!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Business of Words

I have had a very exciting summer! I have had all kinds of firsts.
And today I added another. This afternoon I met with Collin Kelley, who interviewed me for his internet radio show. Alice was interviewed as well and they will be available at the following times.
Leisure Talk Radio
The Business of Words
Theresa: Aug. 9 - Aug. 20 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10, 2 and 6 p.m. and a.m.
Alice: Aug. 23 - Sept. 4. Same days and times as above.
Check it out!!!!

Last night I finally had my 40th birthday celebration.
Not a big gathering but a very cool one.
About 10 of us including Malika and Dion!
And yes naked in the hot tub did happen those of you who missed it.....
I'd like to say too bad you missed an opportunity, but we all know that if there is a chance for me to get naked in a hot tub.... Well, color me naked!
I leave next week for New Mexico, I have no idea how or what to pack.
My next party hopefully will happen soon, and involve fire.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


i thought i was computer stupid.
turns out i am just computer special.
what i needed was collin to teach me how to do some shit on my blog.
i think my picture might actually show up now. and i learned how to link.
i'm tired as hell, feeling cool as hell cause my buddy taught me something new today.
when you learn something new you get a wrinkle in your brain.
i'm feeling really wrinkly right now.
but if the side effect of a new wrinkle is a gray hair ........
damn, like i don't have enough of them.
i am considering coloring my hair next month.
you know how it is you look 40 in the face and you start trying to camouflaged.
what color should i go with?
whole head or tips?
imput goddammit,
i need input!!!!
help a poor, gray haired, old as hell sista out, why don't cha!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stay away from CRAZY!!!

Have you ever heard that saying, "If you see crazy coming, you'd better cross the street."
Why do we not listen?
Why do we mistake crazy for something cute, or rational?
Why can't we just see crazy for the for the insane fuck up that it is?
Why do we marry it?
Have children with it?
Talk to it on the phone where bullshit flows freely and you reach all new levels of pissed!
And then are surprised when we fantasize crazy being struck by lightning, or hit by multiple vehicles, or maybe even abducted by aliens and probed often.
If only had I listened, not only would I have crossed the street, I would have crossed the state line!

Wishing I'd have crossed the damn street! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


have you ever walked past a chair
and had one of your locks catch in between the space on the back of it,
and have it snatch your ass back with a force
that leaves you sprawled on the floor laughing your ass off
despite the pain in your hips?
add 2 pitchers of beer,
makes it twice as funny,
has that ever happened to you???

me neither....ouch!

i'm too old for this shit!
i could break a hip, then what?
i can hear me now screaming,
" help i've fallen and i cant get up!"
and hearing crickets.
who will come to my rescue...
i don't think so.
house of poets was cool despite the fact that there were only 6 people in the audience,
one of them kinda scary, very scary, fucking horrifically scary.
thanks friends,
it occurred to me that you folks have seen way too much of me.
so august i will hit it hard and then fade away until the recording of my CD.
it will be all the way live..........
live audience,
i've found the perfect place.
and i'd invite you but you wouldn't usual.
i won't sweat you with the details,
i'll stick with my tried and true,
you know who you are!!!!
wired as always after sex
i mean poetry....
you know what i mean!