Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Queer Lodgings (rough)

the initial cringe did not surprise 
elicited no response 
comfort turning uncomfortable 
stumbling tongue 
everywhere hands convey distress 
you cannot hold my eyes 

I do not move 
watch the miles race through you 
all over the room 
there in no air in your world 
no fear of danger not looking for you
it does not exist 
it never did 

ignorance was your bliss 
what you didn't know,      you really did
the struggle drapes your frame 
hand me down opinions 
in all the wrong colors 
I understand you are drowning 
I am not your undertow 
I did not throw your voice all over the room 
spouting homophobic like a geyser of disgust 
all stereotype and conjecture 

I know first hand what you think of my kind 
the empress is wearing no clothes 
I see all of you 

you showed me your skin 
I showed you mine 

there is a reason you didn't know 
you equated lifestyle with intelligence 
decided to delete what you knew to suit your needs 
perhaps you imagined me closeted 
as in hush 
and shame 

now the awkward has settled 
you look at me like I want from you 
I watch the the questions slot through 
then something slides behind your eyes 

you wonder if I find you attractive 

it's my turn to cringe