Thursday, November 24, 2005


You may be full of food!
But are you full of food for thought!
Poetic words of praise,
Poetic pontification of the kind that nourishes you beyond the likes of Turkey or Tofurkey whichever it may be?
Monday November 28th is the day of the feast for your ears......
The Red Light Cafe 8PM
553 Amsterdam Ave, GA
Your Entree
Ami Mattison
Your delicious side dishes and desserts......
Amanda Kail
Theresa Davis
Gypsee Yo

and the yummy
Sonia Tetlow
Now you know
that you are drooling at the prospect
of such a delicious mental meal.....
Soups on....

Monday, November 21, 2005

Cafe Medusa

I feel so sorry for all those who didn't get off their ass and come to 7 Stages this week end! All of you who didn't get the chance to experience the experience known forever more as Cafe Medusa, experienced some kind of abuse. You were culturally, artistically, poetically and creatively abused! Not sure who we report that sort of thing to but you should not allow yourself to suffer such abuse again.
So much art, all ages all sizes, all colors all women all over!!!!!
Even naked ones, on bikes noless!
make sure you get off your duff and make it to the next show at 7 Stages. December 31, 2005 join the Word Diversity Collective for Naked, Pagan and Uncensored!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005


sorry i reread my post and it's just chalk full of cussing.
i am calmer now see notice how i am writing in lowecase letters.
but i did get this very funny picture that i am going to try to load, hope it comes through.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

So Tired

Another fabulous week of moving!
I am exhausted.
Between the burned foot and the swollen jaw(toothache) I am done.
I have managed however to get almost all of it done. Two rooms to go. My office, a very scary and insane place, looks like Katrina, Wilma and Rita went through, had a party, drank all my liquor, then threw up on my floor. And we all know, them bitches are crazy!!
Another week of moving and teaching and no poetry.
I so wanted to slam tonight.
My jaw hurts so much that performing any poetry with the letters a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,y,z in it hurts.
I can however pronounce x.
As in X-husband.
So I am slowly reclaiming myself and my inner whore has calmed considerably as I don't have the urge to meet someone. It wouldn't matter if I were interested in someone I have heard that I am undate able. I may be undateable but I can put fucking IKEA furniture together. It's good that I am in this place. I have a tendancy to dote on partners.
I'd end up spending all my money quite possibly on someone who can't grasp the me I am now.
I'd still like a playmate or something someone to go to movies with snuggle and have incredible occasional sex with....Did I mention I bought a new mattress. And baby it ain't no saltine, it's a motherfucking RITZ. Like sleeping in butter all pillowy soft......I've never spent a mortgage payment on a mattress but you know what I'm fucking worth it and if I want it I get it.
That's my new motto.
Whatever the fuck I want,
you'd better fucking give it to me,
or get the fuck out of my way
so I can get it my Fucking self!!
Much to long to put on a T-shirt but I think you get the point.
I am hopeful that by next week I am more or less settled.
Then I will be out and about.
I love my house.
It makes me want to stay inside and chill.
I do miss my friends, though.
Hopefully I'll be up to snuff, no more aching and pain.
C U all soon!! That is if you live in Atlanta and just happen to know me and are where I am when I am there.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Creativity is Dead!

Why is it that random assholes feel the need,
no the urge,
no the desire
to sing Bob Marley tunes when they pass me on the street?
Is that the best they can do?
Should I slap them silly or shake them senseless?
It kills me when this happens and believe and it or not it happens mostly in MALLs ( Many Assholes Lavishly Lurking, I hate malls) and in Little 5 Points!
The first doesn't surprise me and it's mostly Yuppies trying to pass.
Maybe they think they're making a cultural connection, or I should be honored that they even know who Marley, or Tosh are? Or should I be offended that they have nothing new to offer, or that they in their ignorance may be implying that they think I am a Rasta?
I am not a Rasta.
I'm lazy.
There is a difference.
I love the idea of hair, for I feel it can be very alluring and sexy as hell even on a head that's not dreaded.
I however hate the idea of perming,
for sitting under dryers,
and all other forms of torture that are and is hair related.
The idea of wash and go appeals to me.
I wash it, I get on with my fucking life.
I don't have to be spritzed or gelled, which if you think about it, if someone walked up to you and said,"Hey baby, can I spritz you?' You'd probably beat him or her within an inch of their lives, that is unless you are into being spritzed or gelled....ehew.
I have almost finished moving, and let me tell you, I don't ever want to do this shit again!
I love my new how and will have a Liberation New Lease on Life party as soon as it is possible.
I haven't written anything in so long I can't wait till I can, cause I have a lot of shit to say.
I am going to try to slam tonight which could be comical, sense I am exhausted and sleep deprived, who knows what will come out of my mouth.
Back to the random raggae tuners.
Instead of sing raggae song when you see me try simply saying," Hey, or what' up." Then maybe I won't sneer and use my Voodoo powers to shrink you genitals, or make hair grow from strange places.........Just kidding so don't feel compelled to sing bayou tunes either.
"Hi" works!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Final House of Poets....sob

Poets- Show us what you got and you could win $50 and a spot representing Atlanta at the 2006 National Poetry Slam

Poet Lovers.....SEE Atlanta Poets battle it out for a piece of glory (Because hey- when do poets ever get glory?)

AND it's last call at the House.

Help us finish off the House of Poets tradition with something memorable. So you can look back and say, "I was THERE..."

Monday, November 7
Red Light Cafe
553 Amsterdam


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Random Stuff

hey there,
I am so friggin tired.
Got so much shit to do and I am experiencing a serious poetry withdrawl accompanied by IKEA addiction. That store is so full of all the stuff I need, it's consumer crack.
It's enough to drive a soul to shop at IKEA.
I seem to be in a rut.
But IKEA will set me free!!!
I am moving this week end. Sweet, but it sucks. I hate moving. It takes forever and at the same time never gets done on some level.
Gotta go move more shit and build my new IKEA building sets.
see ya