Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!!!

What a dreary day!
Rain, rain, and more rain.....
Java Monkey was so empty combination crappy weather and holiday kinda mucked up the works. I have been a writing fiend.....I am so not complaining.
Four new pieces! WooHoo!!!!
I have been very busy this weekend.
My friend Toby had his going away party this weekend. He will return to Germany next week.
And damn!
Tap a keg and they will come,
and they will pass out, and the cops will show up.
All signs of a kick ass party.
Except when the host disappears and passes out in the barn with the goats (don't ask), and wakes the next morning with no recollection of how he got in bed and why he reeks of goat droppings. There's a poem in there somewhere and by damn I will find it!

The final slam at Java Monkey is coming up!!
It should be an awesome event. My only hope is that one of the final four(out of 13) is a woman.
There are only 3 women in the finals.
Come out and support the women!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005


I feel like I have arrived, by leaving it's all very cryptic allow me to explain.
I had my first performance out of town and it was awesome!
I traveled to Antioch University in Yellowsprings, Ohio (not sure if the town should be one word or two). My traveling companions were the very brilliant and talented Amanda Kail and Phoenix YZ. What a weekend, on Friday we left 'bout noonish and arrived in Ohio a little after midnight. You would think that we would have been tired but no we were wired and stayed up talking poetry, barley and hops with the amazing Ami Mattison. When you get two or more poets in a room you may not get them out.
The performance on Saturday night was refreshing, fabulous and too much fun to be real. The feeling of doing something you love in front of people who have no idea who the Fuji you are is very empowering. They loved us and not just because we were three hot babes but mostly because we are three hot babes.
After the show we partied till they kicked us out of a club in Dayton, and I mean snatch the drink out of you hand , then the light weights had to go night, night. But those of us who could continued to hang. The conversations we had will save the world. Because of the massive amounts of libations consumed the secrets are temporarily lost but when Ebonie, Ami, and I regrow those lost braincells we will share the secret to all.
I really want to thank those folks for bringing us to the university. It rocked and now I am ready to slam, slam, slam.

Monday, March 14, 2005


It's been a year solid that I have pursued my poetic dreams and I am happy.
I also really, really, really want to make the Atlanta Slam Team. IF you love me you will come out and support me on April 10th as the four team members will be selected. Out of 13 only 3 are women. Hello, that's wrong. At the very least one of us has to be on the team.

What is the deal with people who try to date new people when they are still in deep with their ex's? Why is it necessary to draw others into their drama? I have had several people approach me wanting to get to know me and just when I let my guard down they bounce back to their ex. Color me confused. It's very tiring this is why I will only focus on those things that don't send mixed messages and makes you want to choke them. Me and my poetry.
I have my first out of town gig this weekend! Antioch here I come! I am so very excited!

Friday, March 11, 2005

What the Fu@!!%!!!!

How is it possible that a person can shoot up a court room in this day and age of heightened security. Why would you have an older woman by herself securing a man known for violence against women and not give her back up. Somebody fucked up big.

Change of subject......
I had a very busy week. I wrote two new pieces and did several open mics. I met this guy at the Yatch Club who wanted a woman's perspective on his relationship. He is with this woman that he thinks he loves. When he met her she had a child and he took care of him as if he were his own. Then he had a child with her. She broke up with him and now she wants to get back with him and guess what she's having yet another mans baby. Can you say doormat?
I don't doubt that he cares for her. He broke down and cried several times during our conversation. He's going to go back to her I just know it. I wish him the best but it makes me sad to watch someone struggle over whether or not they can live with being used because their love is so strong. He believes that if he loves her hard enough she'll realize that he is the one. Love can be a beautiful, warm, sexy, breathtaking, vicious, uncaring bitch.
What can you do? You can run, but unfortunately you will be bodyslammed by love repeatedly. Make sure you're wearing head gear.

And what the hell is Michael doing?
Or thinking?
PJ's in court?
Maybe they can get him to hang out with Martha she can help him, if nothing else she can help him coordinate so at least he matches his PJ's match.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Back Again!!

I'm back at school and wow!
It is a different kind of tired.
I am about to start back hitting my poetry stomps next week.
I've only got a few weeks before the finals for the slam team,
which means I have got to memorize my shit!
So there will be Java on Sunday
House of Poets on Monday
Cliterati on Thursday and who knows what then.
I actually think I have a gig or two before I leave for Ohio
but I spoke to people while on hydrocodone and as I said before
it is not conducive to memory. Hopefully my mom knows or
I'll be late for those shows if I show, know what I'm saying?