Sunday, August 27, 2006


back in cyberland
my computer got zapped last Sunday
during the freakish storms and the very beautiful
but not so computer friendly lightning
i was putting off the new computer thing
it's been six years
i think my old computer was the official paper weight of Atlanta
not much power and thanks to my kids and their bad cyber habits had many issues
the computer will only run in safe mode
my hope is that i will be able to retrieve some of my files from it
but, it might be a wash
the only cool thing was that right before i left for Austin
i saved all my poetry on a CD
thank the goddess
i would have been depressed and pissed

so much has been happening it's still taking me some time to readjust and focus
i had a rock star poet summer that dumped me back into my motherly duties and my classroom
i have not been able to do any open mics and i can feel withdrawal setting in
getting mr. z
back into the school mode has been rough
dude, thinks he can stay up all night still
i've been trying to get him down by 8
but he is so smart
he knows that if he engages me in a cute conversation
he can buy himself another 30minutes
then all of a sudden he wants to take another bath
or he's scared of his room
or my breathing three rooms away is keeping him awake and it's not his fault because i am the one who's breathing to loud
six year old logic
ya gotta love it

my spoken schedule kicks back in next weekend
and i've gone a done it again
double booked
i gotta start writing shit down
before i start pissing folks off

so Friday it's the portfolio center with Collin Kelley
Saturday it's the java monkey invitational slam and black pride
Sunday my kids want to have a day....which means dinner no doubt and a movie and me out about 120 bucks
kids are expensive
i am waiting for some parent to get the idea to turn childhood expenses into a loan like a student loan so we can recoup some cash
i'm thinking if they just paid me back for the diapers alone
i could buy a new car or at least a car wash

i've got so much poetry banging around in my head and no time to sit and write
mom x3, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend
i am stretched thin...........
it's funny when i think really think about all i do i get a little overwhelmed
but i gotta do it cause it's all mine and i am loving every aspect of life right now
so exhaustion, sleep deprivation, an psychotic episode here are there
are nothing compared to the love i get from my children, my students, my family, my friends and my sweetie
it's all good
i'm all good
and will get my shit together

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Llama Alert

i watch them
they are strangely graceful
in their movements
not aware that i am watching them
they saunter and chew
ears perked
they still
i duck behind the building
my heart racing
i peek again
and come face to face with
the beast
i scream like a girl and run back into my class room
i don't know why the llamas freak me out
maybe its the bat like ears,
the giraffe like neck,
the camel feetthe chewing constantly
the noise they never make
it will be an interesting school year