Sunday, December 31, 2006


In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Slap stupid people in the head.

Get your resolution here.


Diane, but if you call me that...i'll have to cut you.

salmon...not pink that's girly

the sounds of silence


what was the last thing you ate?
grilled cheese with tomato yummm

if you were a crayon what color would you be?

fucked up and foggy

who was the last person you talked to on the
Rochelle...don't ask

the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

usually there's cheese involved unless it's dessert the there's whipped cream involved unless it's sex then there could be whipped cream or cheese involved...that's gross just threw that in to make myself worked

do you drink?
you buying?

What's your favorite drink?
coffee unless i'm out and about then there is beer or long island iced tea

ever so drunk you don't remember what you did?
yes, don't ask, i don't remember

hair color?
black and brownish...a little grey cause i'm old

eye color?

not yet, but i have a check up soon, so that could change

the one where christmas trees don't tear up your car

favorite month?
may, my birthday month where i party allllllllll month long

have you ever cried for no reason?
in the middle of it right now, thanks for the distraction

my super ex girlfriend with my ex girlfriend....ironic no... fucking demonic and masochistic

my birthday...tells me that i'm here

are you too shy to ask someone out?
sometimes, but not usually

if you could say something to someone right now..... what would it be?
stop...this hurts

hugs or kisses?
hugs....kisses lie

chocolate or vanilla?
i like both

what books are you reading right now?
nothing exciting, books i assigned my middle school class
things not seen and star girl not terribly exciting...i told you

just the ears

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fun and Good Times

last night was fun!!
friends, friends and family.....kwanzaa......
cleo's sweet potato cheese cake
oh my damn it was some good with or without whipped cream
chocolate fondu
cranium....didn't know my humming skills were not up for the challenge
stacie, karen, melissa, kathy, tana
two exes and a missed op in the house
my kids having fun
turning heidi's hands purple
slightly tense vibe
the rum helps
house is a mess
going to go work in my classroom now
release some pentupness

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Hasan Davis my brother extrodinaire!
8pm at The Spot next door to Tower Two
Be There or you'll be sad!

Monday, December 25, 2006

stay home

must not leave the house again today
i have never seen a person get hit by a car
that was my christmas present about 2pm
i scream and slam my breaks like i was the one who hit him
dialing 911 watching the person who hit this guy almost drive away
myself and the three other motorist who stopped in their tracks yelling at him to fucking stop and shouting locations to 911 operators
i want to believe that if it was the middle of the night
no cars on the road
that he would have stopped
checked on this poor man
i want to believe that people care
and that he is one of those people.....
or would he have gone about his day
like he didn't impact someones world
they moved the man
his head was in the street
feet resting on the sidewalk
he almost made it across
when i saw blood i got no closer
i just kept saying i don't think you should move him
he was dazed, bloody and talking when i drove away
i could hear the ambulance in the distance
i looked the driver in the eyes before i pulled away
if he hadn't had an audience
if no one else had stopped
he would have driven away
his eyes told me so

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas already

so, i remember why i don't do the holidays
aside from the attack of the would be killer Christmas tree of 2001
the expression of joy flying at me
ripping a gaping hole in my car but leaving a smattering of tinsel
to complete that holy shit intensity that overtakes you when your life flashes before your eyes Saturn emblem flying skyward
defensive driving rocks!
for two days i've been forced to leave my home to do odd tidings here and there for family
no i don't mind sitting in highway traffic for hours on end
no i don't
so today i had to go to wal-mart
not particularly because i want to be in any store
especially that one
in the pre countdown shopping nightmare that is this season
3 items
all i have are three items
i learned that 10 items or less means nothing
15 or less means even less
but i also learned that if you work at wal-mart
get off work
decide to shop with the rest of us fools
that there is a secret express line for you
that you can roll up with your 32 items( i counted)
in the 10 items or less line
pull up on the wrong side like you're in England or something
look like you are supposed to be there
take over the cashiers register
commandeer the little wand thingy
ring up your shit
never making eye contact with the customers you've usurped
only offering a sidelong glance as that one
dreaded (in more ways than one)
customer in the dyked out jacket
pirate head scarf
t shirt emblazon with the smiley face
with duct tape over its mouth
with the caption
silence is golden,
duct tape is silver
who is in fact counting out your order
to the tune of some jingle that has left my brain
cause clearly counting as well as good manners have eluded you
i comment that i think all wal-mart employees should benefit from the
secret express lane and i am going to suggest it to the managers
black people blush and turn colors
i wished her a merry whatever
don't tell me i'm not just dripping
with sentiments of merry fucking Christmas

Friday, December 22, 2006


today is global orgasm day??
gonna need some help to celebrate me

Sunday, December 17, 2006

tongue tied

damn 1 minute poem
i will be victorious
wait till the next slam

a haiku for the one minute poem

so, tell me if this has ever happened to you.
you are walking down the street.
you hear some one coming up behind you saying," hey, hey you. I know you!"
you turn in the direction of the approaching voice, no recollection.
i have no poker all.
"i knew it was you," she says.
still no recollection, but i smile cause she's smiling.
"we are friends."
my expression doesn't change much because i still have no fucking idea who she is and my metal rolodex is spinning to the point of dizzy.
then she says, " i recognize your hair from my space."
seems my hair is more popular than i.
well i have put lots of new trinkets in so it is quite dashing.
ya gotta love my space.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mr. stripey gone from this world

as we find ourselves gathered
on this beautiful day in December
to say goodbye to our aquatic friend Mr. Stripey.
he was a good fish, no he was a great fish.
his living space was always clean.
he was always polite in the mornings without coffee unlike many of us.
he never called anyone names but kept a smile on his face.
we now will say goodbye to mister stripey.
i go to flush him.
a scream.
it's dark in the toilet!
how do you know i ask?
that's not an answer, have you ever been flushed in the toilet.
nooooo. many voices.
i imagine it to be liberating like the final roller coaster ride your life.
i'm scared to ride roller coasters so the toilet will be scary.
somehow i've proved her point. don't fuck with first grade't do it.
so they build a fishy coffin.
the dig a fishy grave.
a student presides over the grave side ceremony.
it's very cute, sweet and twisted at the same time.
we watch them pretend to cry, holding on to one another. one kid pretends to faint.
mr. stripey will be missed for about 5 minutes only remembered before the next fishy funeral.
we average about three a year.


gary's getting a bad rap.
the first and second grade have accused
gary the snail of killing mr. stripey the gold fish.
i told them snails are decomposers not killers and assured them that gary wouldn't have eaten mr. stripey's eye if he had not been dead.
morning gross out...sorry.
gary the snail's reputation has been soiled.
he may need representation before this scandal is over.
poor gary!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Art Amok Slam 1-2-3-4

7 Stages & ART AMOK! SLAM
present a 4-round slam
of 1, 2, 3 & 4 minute original sonnets, limericks, stories, poems
based on the Individual World Poetry Slam format!

Saturday, 12/16
sign up at 8.30, slam at 9pm
slots typically fill up fast
(max. 12 poets)
$5, free to slam
Location: 7 Stages Mainstage
Come and watch some of the Southeast's premiere voices in performance poetry
as the 2007 Art Amok Slam Team comes to life.
Or, even better, come out to Slam. $50 cash prize.
7 Stages Theatre
1105 Euclid Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307
404-523-7647 (box office)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


so, during music class i ducked out to get some lunch
i have a looooooong day today.
i stop in at a bp to get gas and there is a man there going off on the cashier.
he is shouting at the man because the water at the store is to expensive.
he's shouting things like,"this is the same water they sell at home depot and lowes and it's cheaper there!" then he makes a comment about folks from the middle east under his breath just loud enough for me to hear it.
i have been crunchy for several weeks.
for those of you not hip to the theresanary book of internal definitions, crunchy is a state of irritation that doesn't differentiate or discriminate which means pretty much anything can flip my switch.
this comment flipped my switch. so after sizing him up I clear my throat loudly
cause he's holding up the fucking line and he says to me..excuse you,
my eyebrow shoots into my hairline. i clear my throat again and say," if you would like cheaper water sold to you buy americans then take your not so happy ass down the street to lowes, you are holding up the line. either buy the fucking water or leave and please feel free in the future not to excuse me. you need to apologize for your slur!"
"i'm not slurring my words, you trying to say i'm drunk."
"would explain the need for water, but no. i'm talking about your racial slur, which might be taken as racism. you buying the water or not cause i'd like to pay for my gas and get the hell out of here."
he bought the water and glared at me.
cheap ass. i am not offended by the prices of water, water should be free so the fact that it's not offends me.
in crunchy mode i am unaffected by idiots, assholes and dumb-shits. and a dumb-shit and an idiot have lots in common, but they are different.