Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Frida #1 Cremation

This is the first of my Frida Kahlo series, feedback welcomed

#1 Cremation

In the end
When the flames touched
My body
I rose
Stood up on my feet
Not moving
Arms outstretched
An attempt to hold my beloved Mexico
The only home I knew
Knowing I was not house or home
No child left a footprint on my womb
Many children entered none crossed over
Hands crossed upon my chest
I embraced the sparks

Don’t tell the others

But I was not much
More than sparks
When I was alive
But now
I am flame
Swirling around
My once alive head
My once alive heart
You see me

Then you don’t

My comfort
I will visit all of my lost children
Lost no more
I could never feel wrapped
In cold lying arms
Something I couldn't feel
Something separate from the pain

There was always pain

Closer than my sister
She, may have been the thing that killed me
More than the other things that killed me
My family
The family I would never have
Your children I could never bear
Could you imagine children with my sister?
Can you feel me here?
My empty womb
My sister’s sister

The fire
Hoisted me
Beyond your reach
You will never hurt me again
I stood up for you
In the palm of your hands
For the last time
Hold me to your eyes
So you can watch me
See, the everything of my pain
Watch me
As I

I burn for you


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Return???

I haven't been posting or blogging much but all of that is about to change..... I am done hiberbnating. I have several projects in the works and one of them I would love your help with. I am a teacher and my students are taking a pretend trip around the world. We would love it if you would send us a card from where you are in the world. Send your postcards to Theresa Davis and Her Amazing Class, 1900 Dekalb Ave., Atlanta ,Ga. 30307.

The other project is a series of poems inspired by the life and works of Frida Kahlo. I will post those poems here and on facebook.