Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I went to Javaology last night.
It was very cool, coffee a bit expensive, but a nice spot.
The open mic is called The Womb Room.
The name made it a little weird to see all the guys their.
The name makes for a space that kids could come to. You have to keep it clean!
I can do that but sometimes a nicely place four letter word does the trick.
I was good.
The only four letter word that escaped was BUSH!
Now that's fucking profanity.
While there I ran into Lady, John Goode, Abyss and Cocktails.
Also this very nice gentleman drew a picture of me while I was performing.
It was very nice.
I like great open mics! I really like new ones. I should be doing one myself ( with Alice of course) very soon.
It's a great spot! Check it out !!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

So Mary Grabar has some definite ideas about Slam Poetry,
Java Monkey Speaks and the poets that read there.
Hold up,
Wait a minute,,,..
What's that you say..
She hasn't what?
Hasn't been......
Did I hear someone say she hasn't been there?
But her commentary it was so, so, ......
really fucking insane is what it was.
It's funny because she has no idea how many people she pissed off.
Or maybe she does and it's some twisted republican game ( I hear they are a kinky group).
She was worried and concerned about her favorite shrub being dissed
in an open mic setting,
wait no it was "the liberal setting"
she may as
well show up butt ass naked
(although I can't imagine wanting to see that),
slathered in butter,
with an apple in her mouth.
'Cause soups on and let the roasting begin.
So many of my friends are responding to the letter
and giving her hell.
Way to go fellow poets.
I have not mastered the art of response to letters that piss me off
without lots of colorful
un poetic, slammy like phrases like...
Stupid dumb fuck,
ignorant ass bitch,
and my favorite
goddamn republican crackhead motherfucker!
See none of these will get my letter of response printed
in the Loaf. So I leave it to you my level headed poetry kings and queens to write the response that makes my phrases eloquent.
An I will slam her ass on the stage!!!
And I'll be nice and include her boy Bush!!!!
I'm sure he's doing something fucked up oh.....right about now!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Festival A Success

What a week!!
I have been a running crazy women!
Some of you are thinking and that's different from what.
I understand the love...Thanks.

The Children's Festival was a great success.
It was probably the largest crowd yet. We had wonderful workshops and performances.
Next year however will bigger and more fabulous.
I am still in a bit of pain and it really confuses me.
I have lived to be almost 40 and get my first ear infection.
I know have guilt because if the pain I endured was even half of what they went through
I did not nearly enough to relieve their pain. Cause damn!
We'll talk more later!

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Pain

I have been in pain for about a week now.
It started dull and achy then sort of went away.
I have not slept since Friday. The pain is so excruciating
that I can barely control my expressions. So bad that hydrocodone,
800 Milligrams of ibuprophine, and a shot of tequila did nothing.
So now I have naproxen which helps but now I'm so overly tired
I can't relax. Makes me want to scream. I'll try to give you a heads
up before the psychotic episodes begin. But remember I'm sleep
deprived so no promises. The slam was interesting. I'm glad I participated.
There has got to be a way where it could be better.
Maybe bring out poets or someone who knows what they are listening to.
The old couple who were judges kept saying to each other what do you think, I don't know whatever.
Two others were heard to say a participant wouldn't make it past the
second round before it started.
Sounds shady.
We will see how this team does.
See if nationals enjoy a nicely recycled Saul Williams piece.
I will let everyone know because.....I will be there!
There are so many things you can do that don't require you to be on a team.
I can't wait!
You can send more than one team from each state.
I'm thinking an all female team in 06'!!!
I know there is a way to do it.
Let's figure it out ladies!
I Love My Friends!!!!!
I bugged them about this and they came in droves.
37 people came to see me last night and it felt good to have them there.
I am loved!
They were all pissed!
I had to get them outside so some wouldn't cause a huge scene.
It was pretty funny!
They left in a flood after I bombed.
That also felt good.
They are loyal only to me.
I am special and not just on the short bus!
I am so glad this is over. Back to my open mics and features.
I have got two more pieces done. A writing maniac I tell ya!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Count Down to Slam

I have become obsessed.
It's like the time when I was in highschool when this
white girl told me there was no way I could be a
cheerleader. I had no desire to be a cheerleader, but because
that knucklehead said I couldn't I became cheerleader from hell
just so I could make the team become captain and kick her ass off.

Which I did, don't fuck with me.
The whole process took about two months.

I wonder if she learned her lesson.
Probably not.

The maiden voyage of the grill went well.
We were not however able to set up the kiddie pool. Z-man was very
upset by this. Next week I'll set it up and he can take a dip after school.
This spring break has gone by so fast that I want a do over.
It's not right. I think the time change should happen after spring break
to give us the illusion that we have more time.

Last night the poetry at Charis was incredible. I heard a lot of new poets that I'd never heard before. Sunday night will be awesome. I do realize that it is entirely possible that an all
male team could represent Georgia but let's all do our part to make sure that little nightmare doesn't happen. I learned my shit and I will do my best. I will go regardless, but it would be awesome to compete just cause I've never done it before, and it would be the perfect addition to my pre-mid life crises.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Curse of the Grill

Can I just say that Amanda Kail rocks and she is my shero!!!!!
And Phoenix Y Z is amazing!!!
We have such a great time, and Malika, Elliott, and Rachael helped to hold it down!!!
Can I let you all in on a little secret? Get closer....Closer......CLOSER......
Women Poets will one day soon RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't tell anyone I so enjoy the look of surprise on the faces of the dominated.
I crack myself up.
So the new Lowe's in Little 5......SUCKS a lot.
No one there knows what the fuck they are doing.
It's like watching the learning challenged channel.
They called me to tell me my grill was ready at 1 o'clock.
I said I'd be there at 2. So why did I have to wait an additional 45 minutes
to get the damn thing and it was shaky.
They kept walking around like they had no idea where
the grill could be and like they were lost. Kept asking each
other if it was a seasonal or outdoor item. I'm thinking it's an
outdoor item that I'd like to have before next season,
thank you very f*!!%ing much.
The the same chick who first helped me kept asking me
if she could help me. I'm like help me find my damn grill!
Then she wanted me to sign something that said I received
what they couldn't f$&*ing find.
When I looked at her like she was the nut she is, she said "Oh, don't worry we gonna find it and the you won't have to wait to sign this form then."
Yes, I fought the urge no the desire to slap her silly but damn.
And people wonder why I curse!
I know they are new but it would be nice if the employees knew what the hell they were doing.
I tightened up the grill and tomorrow some carcass will be barbecued!!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Countdown Begins

Wow and more Wow!!!

What a week. We are now on spring break and a much needed one at that.
Java Monkey rocked last night and now we are down to just 1 week till slam!!!
I am going to practice at House of Poets Slam tonight at Mulligans.
I am so ready to take another road trip!
Trying to get some poets together who want to do it!
You wanna hear something strange which also goes to prove my obsession with this slam shit. I dreamed poetry last night.
Freaky right?
But I fucking remembered my dream,
and now I know the shortened version of Chance Encounter.
I timed it this morning, just under three minutes,
I also memorized three other poems the same way and wrote a new one.
I am a freak of fucking poetic nature.
But don't hate!
Poetry through sleep deprivation....... It just could work!
I am also counting down my Birthday!
Can't decide on a performance night party with drums and poetry and music or a drunken orgy party. Both have the strong points but what a decision I have to make.
I really hope my students have stopped reading my page.
I told them it's where I vent which means the occasional explosion of profanity.

I made Zion take medicine last night which he was none to pleased about. He woke up coughing this morning and said " Mom! I told you medicine don't work, and I was right. I don't ever want to take medicine again." By the time I faced him to respond he was snoring. Bossy little sleep talker.
Must go buy grill! Lowe's had a cool one for 99 bucks.
I want to invite some folks over to practice with and drink beer
and grill the carcass of some animal smeared in bbq sauce.
Now doesn't that sound yum?!