Saturday, December 31, 2005


I got a call from bio-dad yesterday.
He never calls me on purpose so I knew something had happened.
Last time he called me on purpose, it was to inform me that his step-son had been released from prison. Like the event would change my life. He was convicted of robbery, drug possession and all the other shit crackheads do when they need a fix.
He was supposed to go to jail.
This time.
His wife died.
Another event that doesn't change my life.
He wanted me to know when the funeral would be.
Now, this woman hated me.
No more or less than I hated her.
I was the one they used to help cover the affair.
He (bio-dad) would tell my mom he was going to spend the day with the kiddies (all 4 of us), then take us to her house, lock us up in the basement with snacks, TV and toys, with her son, while they bumped uglies. Sometimes we'd be shuffled off to his mom's house. Again locked up in the basement or in the back yard forbidden to enter the house, until given permission.
He met her in church.
So in his head it wasn't an affair.
It's who god wanted him to be with.
God wanted him to leave his wife and children.
God wanted him to use his children as camouflage.
God, I suppose also had a hand in his inability to be honest with his wife about the plan.
So domestic abuse became the tool and the reason he would use to force my mom to leave for all our safety.
Like no one would know he had a church lady on the side.
She's been in bad health for years.
I remember years ago when he finally brought his ass to GA. to meet grandchildren he'll never really know. He brought his fucking mistress with him. How tacky is that? Tried to hide her. When I deduced who she was he asks me not to tell my mother. Like she would give a fuck. I said wow it's true. He said what's true. I told him,"Tell your wife she should have been careful how she got her's seems she's losing hers the same way."
He didn't think that was funny.
I simply said it was true.
Needless to say we aren't close.
My sister wants to know if I'm driving to St. Louis for the funeral.
What do you think?
She thinks I should forget and forgive.
I think I'm bored.
She passed away the day before her birthday.
That's the most interesting thing about this woman.
And possibly the only thing I'll remember about her.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have been limping so long that now that my burn has healed I keep limping.
I think my friends were right though I would never tell them this, but days off my feet did the trick. I still get the occasional stabbing pain that makes me stop and take a breath and some tender times when I have to walk gingerly but for the most part , much, much better.
I finally got my shit moved and I can not believe how much shit I have.
The house we moved from is half the size of this one and this one is full to popping.
I am hoping to be able to have some folks over soon so I've been cleaning like a mad woman.
If I get it together I will have a get together.
Just thought I'd share that!
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, December 26, 2005


This has been an amazing year!
I have done so many things that were exciting, unintended, and insane.
So far, So good, I've survived it. Well I will have if I am here to update come the 1st.
The one thing I might not do that I wanted to this year is wear my hair for a shirt.
My daughters have informed me that they will be mortified if I do this. To them it is the equivalent of a nudie spread in a girlie magazine. I explained that that is what you do before three children not after. They ask me daily if I am going to do it wearing faces of pending doom. I don't know...still on the fence about it. To mortify or not to mortify? That is the question.
Last year this time I found out I had to have surgery and this blog was born.
Minor surgery in January
Major surgery in February
First out of town college campus gig in March
Several more cool gigs in April
Turned the big 40 in May
Hang out in New Orleans,
buy a cool ass hat,
first erotic photo shoot,
have my first one night stand
Sautee Nachoochee in June
3 features in July
My poetry is Choreographed ( and rocks!!!)
National Poetry Slam in New Mexico in August
and Poetic Heart is born (my page in Labrys)
Tattoo in September ( hurt like hell)
Flaming fan on October (hurt like hell)
divorce finalized,
emergency room visit with Z,
Show at Kennesaw State
New house in November
dental issues in December and now I ponder wearing my hair for a shirt.
In between all this time I have met some of the coolest people on the planet.
I am slightly disturbed by the fact that I've only had sex once this year......
shit it's like I was married again.
I will strive to do better in the new year.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So Fast

So Fast
Theresa Davis 2005

It happened so fast
so fast it was like I wasn't there
one minute I was me
the next moment
I was me in love with you
suffering lustful whiplash
that began to turn into something real
something wanted
something I don't think I can live without
it happened so fast
my mantra
I'm not the type to settle down
I'll never fall in love again
comes back on ,me
stuck on replay
taunting me with an unspoken
I told you so
as I try to catch up
try to take it all in
it just happened so damn fast
I can't remember the days when I never thought about you
cause I can't get you off of my mind
your image disturbs my sleep
memories of you burned into my retina
you reflected in every surface
you face floats in my coffee
32 oz a day
so I see you often
I wonder if you feel it too
or did it happen so fast
that I left you behind
my heart in overdrive
pounding in my ears
drowning out your words
I wonder if you feel it too
it feels like you feel it too
drawn like magnets
sliding down smooth surfaces
I'd ask
but I'm afraid of what you might say
traveling this fast
if you stop me in my tracks
it could break my heart

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Who cares if it's bad for you, as long as it's good!" says Josh middleschooler extraordinaire!
I can't help but think he's right I am digging my class today in all their strangeness.
Today the father of the kidnapped twins still doesn’t have his report on child safety.
Another child left home alone.
And yet another mauled by a dog.
She wants a do-over? I told her reality not reincarnation math.
One kid has taken the diaper off his sugar baby and is funneling the sugar deposited in the diaper into his mouth.
That's gross!
I know its sugar but the idea of eating out of your baby's diaper is gross.
He said he didn't want the sugar to be wasted; I said in the diaper it represents waste.
The girl sitting next to him picked up her baby and walked away, very funny.
I am ending the baby thing on Friday. Only 3 students have kept up with their children consistently.
More Later!

Friday, December 09, 2005

She's not listening

I spent all day on Saturn....I wish the planet, felt like I was on another planet.
I didn't lose my shit today, and that's good.
I do believe I am to pretty to go to jail.
They fixed my car and caught themselves before they completely uttered $700.00, because I was on the edge. You all know I have an issue with things being hauled and falling off trucks and all I could think of while my Baby Orange was being hauled on a truck was how fucked up it would be if it fell off. And if I were driving, I would so not be behind this truck hauling a car.
So I get out of Saturn and go to the QT.
Cause that's what you do after a marathon day at Saturn.
I have been drinking coffee all day and yes at 4pm wanted more.
This woman.
This very light skin woman.
This very, very, light skinned woman, says very loudly "WHAT BEAUTIFUL BRAIDS!"
I don't respond because I don't know she's talking to me because clearly I don't wear braids.
She gets close to me as I am stirring a coffee concoction.

Note to reader: It is very tempting while at the QT to mix that fake coffee shit to make a cool and interesting flavor. It's a bad idea. Only makes it taste like many different kinds of shit.

She gets closer.
So close that instinctively I step back thinking I've somehow stepped into her personal space. Even louder than before she say"IT MUST HAVE TAKEN THEM HOURS TO MAKE ALL THOSE WONDERFUL BRAIDS. THEY ARE SIMPLY WONDERFUL, REALLY WONDERFUL."
I look around again then realize she's talking to me.
"Locks, not braids," I said.
"They aren't braids my hair grows like this."
"Not braids."
This whole thing seems funny, then I feel like she's ignoring me, then I think she's an idiot, and I can't figure out why she's yelling.
"I did it myself, not braids locks."
I want to say,"They look natural you freak because it is my hair. Not braids, not extentions, can I please stir my nasty ass coffee without you yelling at me. Can I QT in peace!?"
What I actually do is stare at her.
Who is THEM?
I say," 12 years."
Her jaw drops, then I notice the ear piece. The crazy loud woman is on the phone. She's talking so loud to drown out the voice in her ear who is probably saying leave that person alone you crazy batty freak!
Crazy seems to be able to find me in strange places.
And I know she's going to tell somebody that she met this black women who had a braid haistyle that took 12 years to complete, "AND IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL!"

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am beginning to think that I have pissed someone off in the cosmos.
Did I cut someone off in traffic,
in the middle of a conversation?
How the fuck did I manage to piss off the the flaming god of fans, dentistry and automotives at the same time? However I did it, they are grinning and sending all kinds of shit my way.
I barely made it home tonight.
My car, I love her dearly, but she is not cooperating.
I don't blame her though.
She know the shit I've been going through.
She's been their through flying Christmas trees and potential port-o-potty deaths.
She's saved me with her never failing breaks and has kept me out of several accidents.
I blame the fucking mechanics who claimed to have fixed her ailment last week.
We both blame them, they lied to us.
They touched her inner parts under the guise of fixing her.
But did they fix her?
No...they touched her goodies and put her in a position to leave me stranded.
Just like a... dare I say....MAN!
She wouldn't allow it however, she puttered me back to the safety of my very cute house.
I have mentioned how cute my house is, haven't I?
She got me home and allowed me to come in out of the rain and have a fucking fit.
I am soooooo going to tear Saturn a new one.
You'd think they'd have learned the last time
I showed up in their showroom and showed half my ass
because they abused and lied to me and my Baby Orange.
Apparently, I am going to have to show my whole ass
in order to get satisfaction.
One more fucking thing.
Which will no doubt turn into two more fucking things.
My Orange, they violated her by tweaking and probing and now she is powerless.
Damn mechanics...they have no idea who the fuck they have pissed off now.
Look for me on the news if I don't get my way!
And tomorrow's field trip day too!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tonight, get off your ass and come out!

I think I go on fairly early, come out come out, right now dammitt!

an evening with

Atlanta GLBTQ Poets and Writers

Ponce De Leon Library

8 PM

Robin White
Robin Kemp
Collin Kelley
Vimal Jairath
Theresa Davis
Stan D
C. Cleo Creech
Melinda Kingsley
and host
Franklin Abbott

Please join us for an evening of readings and refreshments at the Ponce De Leon Branch
of the Atlanta Fulton Public Library,
980 Ponce de Leon Avenue.
The Ponce Branch is home of Atlanta's GLBTQ collection
of books, movies and music curated by Cal Gough.
Donations of books, cd's and dvd's are welcome.
This event is free and open to all.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I guess it had to happen.
I mean it was only a matter of time.
Hanging out with those kinds of people.
Those unsure,
all about taking chances not consequences.
I should have known that one of them would do it.
Leave their five pound sugar baby unattended,
hell, let's be honest left the sugary bundle of joy outside in the rain,
can it get any worst.
They had to be taken so my class has made me a kidnapper.
The ransom is a loss of 30 parent points per kid and a paper on child safety.
Enough of that.
I am bored.
Out of my fucking mind but have no desire to go out to meet people.
I am wearing this undatable thing like a fucking medal and it's starting to bug me.
This week end I went out briefly but mostly I was a home body.
I am in a degree of pain but sitting in my bed sipping wine and reading a book I thought nice! Could be nicer with some special someone
should I get up off my ass and look for someone,
but again that would defeat the purpose for if
you have to look for them they are not special they were stalked.
So this is me not looking but sipping my wine reading the new
James Patterson mystery with kidnapped sugar babies,
a pained foot ( damn flaming fan of death, i will be in pain for at least a year, just because I didn't want my family to burn up. Limping in and out of pain for a fucked up is that)
and facial swelling.
The warranty is definitely up and my ass is falling apart.
But the book is good, so far and the wine is tasty.
And if the sugar babies ransom isn't made
the sugar cookies I am sure will be tasty as well.....
it's criminal!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


It's that time of year again and reality math has begun!
Reality math is something I do during that awkward time from Thanksgiving Break to Winter Break. Not really enough time to get into new things so we concentrate for the most part on life skills.
So each middle schooler will give birth to a five pound sugar baby tomorrow!
A few of them will be premies as now sugar comes in a 4lb bag and I really hadn't noticed. It's just about the same price we are being ripped off left and right, less for more and all that.
Well anyway, two kids will have twins....Oh joy.
I considered letting them be couples but then it could become more real with all the squabbling that already exists. I mean could you imagine being saddled with twins and a spouse who loses their job, they would end up really hating each other rather that the pure animosity they hold for each other.
Plus as it was brought to my attention by one of my female students,
"None of the boys are cute our baby would be ugly!"
I reminded her that no matter how her spouse looked her baby would still look like a five pound bag of sugar. She said I didn't get it.
The boys remarked tha none of the girls were cute and most of them had chicken legs.
Again I assured them that there baby wouldn't have chicken legs for it is still a bag of sugar. Again I didn't get it.
What they don't know is that I totally get it.
They don't want it to appear like they are boyfriend and girlfriend and they also don't want to make request because then I'd know who liked who.
Also my number ratios boy to girl are off so one couple would have to be gay.
They kinda liked that idea.
I told them I don't think that they are as open minded as they think they are and surely their parents might protest.
Where more parents were outted.
I love my job.
My boys were the first to bring in their intended bundles of sugary joy.
I found that interesting.
Most of them were dressed...
badly and very insulated in case of accidental dropping.
One asked if he could wrap his baby in duct tape.
My response was simple,"If you wrap a real baby in duct tape, you will go to jail."
No the only thing they can wrap their babies in are their loving arms.
There was some wretching at this comment.
I told them I would be embossing a birthmark on their babies at bith.
"So if you try to replace the baby should he or she be dropped or exploded, I'll know."
One confused kid says,"How are you going to embalm the baby?"
"Your baby is a bag of sugar, it would have to have been alive for me to embalm it."
Then I had to explain embossing.
"Will it hurt the baby?"
"It's not alive!" Then I said,"Think of it as a circumcision."
They looked perplexed and then after I explained that one I though the boys were going to throw up and some kept their legs crossed most of the day.
There will be some interesting conversations at dinner tonight.
They chose their careers, not very realistic.
I explained that they start off at a base pay and if they draw a card where they continue their education or get a Master's degree or a raise then they make more money. They get to keep a budget, write checks and pull life cards.
Some say things like,"Hey lead foot that policeman got you on radar. Pay a 200.00 ticket"
or " You find a wallet and return it to the owner. $50.00 reward"
It will be fun.
Already two of my boys children have band-aids.
Then one thought to ask me what happens if their babies don't weigh the same after 3 weeks.
I told them I also double as the Department of Family and Children Services. They start off with 100 parent points and can lose or gain them as they handle and care for their baby. I also have ransome note for those parents who leave their child at school when they leave. They will have to pay big to get them back.
Hey, I've got to have some fun!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


You may be full of food!
But are you full of food for thought!
Poetic words of praise,
Poetic pontification of the kind that nourishes you beyond the likes of Turkey or Tofurkey whichever it may be?
Monday November 28th is the day of the feast for your ears......
The Red Light Cafe 8PM
553 Amsterdam Ave, GA
Your Entree
Ami Mattison
Your delicious side dishes and desserts......
Amanda Kail
Theresa Davis
Gypsee Yo

and the yummy
Sonia Tetlow
Now you know
that you are drooling at the prospect
of such a delicious mental meal.....
Soups on....

Monday, November 21, 2005

Cafe Medusa

I feel so sorry for all those who didn't get off their ass and come to 7 Stages this week end! All of you who didn't get the chance to experience the experience known forever more as Cafe Medusa, experienced some kind of abuse. You were culturally, artistically, poetically and creatively abused! Not sure who we report that sort of thing to but you should not allow yourself to suffer such abuse again.
So much art, all ages all sizes, all colors all women all over!!!!!
Even naked ones, on bikes noless!
make sure you get off your duff and make it to the next show at 7 Stages. December 31, 2005 join the Word Diversity Collective for Naked, Pagan and Uncensored!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005


sorry i reread my post and it's just chalk full of cussing.
i am calmer now see notice how i am writing in lowecase letters.
but i did get this very funny picture that i am going to try to load, hope it comes through.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

So Tired

Another fabulous week of moving!
I am exhausted.
Between the burned foot and the swollen jaw(toothache) I am done.
I have managed however to get almost all of it done. Two rooms to go. My office, a very scary and insane place, looks like Katrina, Wilma and Rita went through, had a party, drank all my liquor, then threw up on my floor. And we all know, them bitches are crazy!!
Another week of moving and teaching and no poetry.
I so wanted to slam tonight.
My jaw hurts so much that performing any poetry with the letters a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,y,z in it hurts.
I can however pronounce x.
As in X-husband.
So I am slowly reclaiming myself and my inner whore has calmed considerably as I don't have the urge to meet someone. It wouldn't matter if I were interested in someone I have heard that I am undate able. I may be undateable but I can put fucking IKEA furniture together. It's good that I am in this place. I have a tendancy to dote on partners.
I'd end up spending all my money quite possibly on someone who can't grasp the me I am now.
I'd still like a playmate or something someone to go to movies with snuggle and have incredible occasional sex with....Did I mention I bought a new mattress. And baby it ain't no saltine, it's a motherfucking RITZ. Like sleeping in butter all pillowy soft......I've never spent a mortgage payment on a mattress but you know what I'm fucking worth it and if I want it I get it.
That's my new motto.
Whatever the fuck I want,
you'd better fucking give it to me,
or get the fuck out of my way
so I can get it my Fucking self!!
Much to long to put on a T-shirt but I think you get the point.
I am hopeful that by next week I am more or less settled.
Then I will be out and about.
I love my house.
It makes me want to stay inside and chill.
I do miss my friends, though.
Hopefully I'll be up to snuff, no more aching and pain.
C U all soon!! That is if you live in Atlanta and just happen to know me and are where I am when I am there.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Creativity is Dead!

Why is it that random assholes feel the need,
no the urge,
no the desire
to sing Bob Marley tunes when they pass me on the street?
Is that the best they can do?
Should I slap them silly or shake them senseless?
It kills me when this happens and believe and it or not it happens mostly in MALLs ( Many Assholes Lavishly Lurking, I hate malls) and in Little 5 Points!
The first doesn't surprise me and it's mostly Yuppies trying to pass.
Maybe they think they're making a cultural connection, or I should be honored that they even know who Marley, or Tosh are? Or should I be offended that they have nothing new to offer, or that they in their ignorance may be implying that they think I am a Rasta?
I am not a Rasta.
I'm lazy.
There is a difference.
I love the idea of hair, for I feel it can be very alluring and sexy as hell even on a head that's not dreaded.
I however hate the idea of perming,
for sitting under dryers,
and all other forms of torture that are and is hair related.
The idea of wash and go appeals to me.
I wash it, I get on with my fucking life.
I don't have to be spritzed or gelled, which if you think about it, if someone walked up to you and said,"Hey baby, can I spritz you?' You'd probably beat him or her within an inch of their lives, that is unless you are into being spritzed or gelled....ehew.
I have almost finished moving, and let me tell you, I don't ever want to do this shit again!
I love my new how and will have a Liberation New Lease on Life party as soon as it is possible.
I haven't written anything in so long I can't wait till I can, cause I have a lot of shit to say.
I am going to try to slam tonight which could be comical, sense I am exhausted and sleep deprived, who knows what will come out of my mouth.
Back to the random raggae tuners.
Instead of sing raggae song when you see me try simply saying," Hey, or what' up." Then maybe I won't sneer and use my Voodoo powers to shrink you genitals, or make hair grow from strange places.........Just kidding so don't feel compelled to sing bayou tunes either.
"Hi" works!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Final House of Poets....sob

Poets- Show us what you got and you could win $50 and a spot representing Atlanta at the 2006 National Poetry Slam

Poet Lovers.....SEE Atlanta Poets battle it out for a piece of glory (Because hey- when do poets ever get glory?)

AND it's last call at the House.

Help us finish off the House of Poets tradition with something memorable. So you can look back and say, "I was THERE..."

Monday, November 7
Red Light Cafe
553 Amsterdam


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Random Stuff

hey there,
I am so friggin tired.
Got so much shit to do and I am experiencing a serious poetry withdrawl accompanied by IKEA addiction. That store is so full of all the stuff I need, it's consumer crack.
It's enough to drive a soul to shop at IKEA.
I seem to be in a rut.
But IKEA will set me free!!!
I am moving this week end. Sweet, but it sucks. I hate moving. It takes forever and at the same time never gets done on some level.
Gotta go move more shit and build my new IKEA building sets.
see ya

Friday, October 28, 2005


This is some funny shit and I wish I wrote it!!!!!

Anonymously submitted to Portside

'Twas the night before Fitzmas, and in the White House
Every one was scared shitless, and Bush was quite soused.
The indictments were hanging like Damocles' sword
As verminous oxen prepared to be gored.

The perps were all sleepless, curled fetal in bed,
While visions of prison cells loomed in each head.
And Dick in his jammies and George in his lap
Were sweating and swearing and looking like crap.

When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
The blogs and the forums were buzzing with chatter.
Away to the PC Rove ran like a flash;
He booted his browser and cleared out his cache.

The rumors that flew through the cold autumn air
Made Dubya shiver with angry despair.
When what to his horror-filled eyes did he spy?
A bespectacled man with a brown suit and tie!

With an impartial manner that gave Bush the shits,
He knew in a moment it must be St. Fitz!
With unwavering voice, his indictments they came.
He cleared out his throat and he called them by name:

Now Scooter, Now Libby,
Now Blossoming Turd,
Now Cheney, dear Cheney,
Yes, you are the third.
To the bench of the court,
Up the steps, down the hall,
Now come along, come along,
Come along, all!

He then became silent and went right to work.
He filed the indictments and turned with a jerk
And, pointing his finger at justice's scale,
Said, "The people be served, and let fairness prevail."
He then left the room, to his team gave a nod,
And the sound could be heard of a crumbling facade.
And we all did exclaim, as he faded from sight
"Merry Fitzmas to all, and to all a good

_______________________________________________________portside (the left side in nautical parlance) is a news,discussion and debate service of the Committees ofCorrespondence for Democracy and Socialism. It aims toprovide varied material of interest to people on the left.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The fat lady has sung,
the war has been won,
the goddamn cakes done
T can go have some fun

The ship has sailed,
the felon made bail,

the chips have fallen where they may
freedom came in the light of day

I am so happy I could hit the ceiling
the deed is done
Elvis has left the building

really bad poetry for a really good day!!!!!
and yes I know it sounds cliche
but shut up and get off your ass
join me at the brew house for a giant Bass
Ale that is............

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too Much Stuff

Wow! Where to begin. This has been and continues to be a very strange month. I had my show in Sautee this past weekend and it was GREAT! Gypsee Yo came down and knocked their socks off! If it wasn't for that straight married thing I'd be so in love with her for different reasons, for now she is one of the most together under thirties I know! And I LOVE THAT!! It's such a rare thing! The show was great!
I came home on Sunday and when I got my son back from his dad he had a fever and was struggling with his breathing.
I thought he's coming down with a cold.
I went to the pharmacy to get Motrin to do the Tylenol and Motrin molotalf cocktail, the sure fire way to reduce a fever quickly.
When I returned his breathing was extremely shallow.
I made a phone call and then off we went to the emergency room.
His dad showed and it was not a pleasant experience for me, to say the least.
How can the phrase "DON'T TALK TO ME!" Translate to talk to me often about shit!
They gave my baby 6 Abuterol treatments in less than 24 hours.
He was running around like a baby crackhead!
Heart buzzing and going, going, going!
They ended up admitting him.
More steroids and breathing treatments.
It's pneumonia, it's asthma, no it's pneumonia, we think it's asthma!
They don't fucking know what it is!
He was treated for both!
Doctors are idiots with licenses.
Z doesn't have insurance because someone (whom I shall be divorced from with the quickness next week! Yeah!) refused to pay the forty bucks a month I requested.
Well I guess he much preferred the more than TWO- THOUSAND dollars he will be charged, because yes, I told them he would be responsible for the bill.
Take all his info including and especially his social security number!
Marriage is almost as big a joke as medicine!
NEITHER of which to me are funny!
And I have a great sense of humor!
Ask me and I will tell you how funny I am DAMMITT!!!!!
I cannot wait until next Tuesday!
I will be seeing you at the BREWHOUSE @9PM to Celebrate!!!!!!!!!
We will be drinking to me never making this mistake again,
Marriage is evil!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

How the World Turns or My Stomach

no capitalization this is a rant.
so with all the insanely odd things that have been happening to me lately, i have had to take a step back and try to get a fix on it. because as strange as it has been cool things have happened in between and around all the crazy.
so getting ripped off at church...... deep meaning
"don't drop your guard even in those places where it would seem you'd be the safest, shit happens and it can happen to you!"
near death by port o potty.........deep meaning
"don't follow shit that's carrying shit, cause shit happens and it can happen to you!"
possible attempted robbery.........deep meaning
"there are people who look at every one as a victim, they believe they can create victims and they are often right. don't underestimate the mean in people be wacthful so that when shit happens it doesn't have to involve you being robbed, shot, raped or some other fucked up shitty situation!"
possible death by flaming fan.......deep meaning
" when you buy shit made by people there is a good chance the workmanship will also be shitty and that shit may one day burst into flames at some ungodly hour and when shit like that happens you can't have a shit fit and freak you just have to handle your shit!"
Divorce becoming final on Oct. 25.......deep meaning
"freedom from all the other shit!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Join me for a drink to toast my official freedom!
It's about goddamn time!!!

The Brewhouse October 25th @ 9pm!!!!!!
If you can make it please do, The home of The Big Ass Beer, cause this is a Big Ass Deal!
Hope to see you there!!!!!
Theresa Davis
Single woman

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My whole class is suffering from some kind of adolescent reflux crossed with kiddy alsheimer, add a touch of rainman. Definitely, definitely strange. They just keep yelling out random crazy shit. I have no idea what they are saying. One actually had the nerve to answer his cell phone during a math lesson. I came so close to cursing.
instead I said
"Do you have a problem?"
" I thought it was my dad?"
"why would your dad call you at school?"
"his car might have broken down?"
"what kind of sense does that make? If it did break down what could you do?"
"he could pick me up and I could help him." (in a whinning voice)
" are you injured?"
"are you injured? Did you hit your head or ingest some mind numbing substance?"
"if your dad's car broke down how could he come to pick you up? And what mechanical skills do you have that would make your help more important than say.... A mechanic?"
"answer the phone again in school and it becomes an archeological artifact buried in the bottom of my desk never to be found again."
the entire class,"TURN OFF THE PHONE, STUPID!"
Never a dull moment in middle school.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pirate Pic

I made a damn good PIRATE if I do say so myself!
We couldn't plunder on an empty gullet....arrrr So we cast off to Steak a Shake me harty!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Emergency Room

This is an oxy moron.
I know I should have gone to the emergency room this morning, but my kids were spent and I didn't think it was that bad. Daylight showed something different. I let the kids sleep in. I told them to get there when they were rested. I went to class.
I know I am stubborn.
I know I should have gone to the doctor right away.
I also know that I take my responsibilities very seriously and my class, is mine.
I didn't want to try to arrange a sub, freak them out because they know I don't miss school. Up until this year I only missed three days of school.
I was having a baby, and we were both in class on the fourth day.
I had a good time with my class today.
They made me realize how lucky I was.
When I told them what happened my favorite kid in the world,
that I didn't birth, was upset.
He said he was mad at me.
He was glad I saved my kids and home but he was mad and wondered why my arms and face weren't burned.
I hadn't thought of that.
They should have been.
The plastic was melting in my hands and the only reason I stepped on the hot plastic was because I had to turn my face away from the flames.
I am lucky. Possibly insane.
I was ok until the throbbing started.
Josh, my favorite, made me smile through all my pain.
He was being questioned by another student about why he was still in my class.
Josh decided when I was his fourth grade teacher he decided tha he needed to stay in my class another year.
His father said it was his decision, and when Josh decides something that's it.
When Josh wouldn't answer him the kid asked me.
I said it was because Josh loved me and felt he needed more time to learn in my class.
I told him I was honored by his decision and it has made me a better teacher.
Josh blushed a rainbow.
Made me smile.
Later I wanted to take an aspirin and asked Josh to go to the Highschool and get me a soda from the machine. He asked if he could get himself one.
I said yes.
There is a rule about using the machines and when the other students saw he had one they started complaining.
"Why does he get to get a soda and we can't," they demanded. The largest protestor a Vegan who doesn't even drink soda.
Josh slammed his soda on the table and said, " Because she LOVES me more than you!"
The soda coming from my nose took my mind off the pain and the aspirin, and the stunned silence of my class, cracked my shit up.
Later on one asked," You love us all, right?"
"Yes," I said.
Josh explained to them that of course I would say that,"Theresa is a nice person, she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, but don't get it confused," he said.
The phrase I have been trying to teach him is "Don't get it twisted".
He says you should say what you mean, I say it's less funny that way. I still have a few months to work on him.
I said "Josh, I do care about everybody in this class, you know that."
He nodded, and winked at me when the class looked away.
He is a great kid.
This is a long one.
Soon after that the pain was too much. I announced that I had to go to the emergency room.
Just then my mother came in and yelled at me to take my asbutt (that's what yo say when you realize that you are about to curse in front of a bunch of kids) to the emergency room.
I said OK I'm going.
When she left the kids remarked that it was cool the way I made her think it was her idea, and realized that even when they are grown their parents may still yell at them.
I waited two hours before they saw me.
I waited in a room for another hour before the doctor came in.
I waited some more while she ordered a Tetanus shot.
Can I just say that is a painful shot and she was trying to give it to me in the fresh ink.
And it hurts like hell! For days!
Then she cut the blister drained it and dressed the wound.
Gave me an ugly shoe and crutches.
What she did took about 10 minutes.
I wonder if I was bleeding they would have seen me sooner?
I think all this stuff is happening to send me a message, it's not don't write, my hands are fine, it's not don't talk, my face wasn't burned. It's sit your ass down, because now walking is painful.
I was supposed to do a lot of things this weekend.
I am sorry but I can't.
My goddess is telling me to sit my ass down and when my goddess speaks I listen..... Well sometimes, she knows I'm hardheaded.
Please come out to HOUSE OF POETS on Monday Gypsee-Yo will feature and I should have several new pieces. But I do have groovy pain killers so they may not make much sense.
They are kicking in right now, It's almost nighty-night time......quick someone come tuck me in!


I am not sure what's happening in the cosmos.
I am not sure why so many potentially dangerous things have moved into my circle.
I am not sure why at 4:00 this morning when the fan in my daughters messy bedroom caught on fire, we weren't all killed. Except for maybe it wasn't our time.
I stepped barefoot, as I carried the flaming fan to the bathroom, on melted plastic and metal. My foot is burned really bad.
It won't all come off.
I suppose a doctor's visit is in order.
A very deep limp.
It really hurts, I really want to cry, but I think my kids have been freaked out enough.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I think I was targeted last night.
I have no real proof, but in hindsight and taking into account all the e-mails received telling about the ways women are tricked into victimhood, I believe I was targeted. Unfortunately for the asshole or assholes ( don't want to leave any of them out), I am an unusually pissed off, black woman, when the air is deliberately let out of my tires because it appeared I was alone and the only car in the lot. Before Melissa and I got to my car some dude was approaching asking if I needed help, before the flat became apparent to me.
How the fuck did he know I needed help?
I know what I believe.
What would have happened if I were alone?
Would there be a news report of a missing goddess with a bad ass tattoo,
or some dude with his ass royally kicked
and the only reason I got caught was because
I had to wait for the cops to help me remove my foot from his ass?
I have had some bizarre shit happen to me in the last couple of weeks
  • My daughter was reunited with the father she's never know, who is also displaced by Katrina.

  • I was ripped off at a church. Instant get into heaven card. Can I get an AMEN?

  • Some idiot dude sits at a table with me (uninvited) where he tells me he is sure that I am to be the mother of his children, even though I explain in detail my hysterectomy and assure him that in this space and time men don't interest me in the least. I gave him someone's phone number to make him leave....hope it wasn't yours:-0

  • I almost experienced death by port a potty, a surely shitty way to go!

  • Then the air is mysteriously let out of my tire

I believe I shall plat lotto tomorrow and see what happens!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


So, it's done!
I have finished the list I created for myself as I approached my 40th birthday!
I have decided through a pemanenet display on my person to accept my alter ego, Sister Seuss.
So I had this dream the other night, I was creating a line of journals and my new book of poetry all a Sister Seuss Production. I talked to my ace, my buddy, my good friend Cindy. I told her what the tattoo was to look like and she drew it.
Just what I wanted.
All day I anticipated getting my tattoo.
I was a fucking nervous wreck!
Melissa, my partner in most crimes, was on board,
because I am a wimp,
and would be in need of some Jet I form of support.
Who ever told you that it doesn't hurt,
whoever told you that it's a good kind of pain,
whoever said oh it's no big deal in that nonchalant way...
Whoever they were,
they fucking lied to you!
It hurt like a mother fucker!
My impulse to scream was only drowned out by the fact that during the pain
I was not breathing,
trying to keep the profanity under control,
which produced tiny,
sparkling stars....
A sure sign that I was about to pass the fuck out!
I did not pass out, but I did, with the help of Melissa, drink two pitchers of beer after.
Much needed in light of the fact that I felt so loopy after.
my ass,
pain, pure and simple!
I experienced ink, I don't think I will ever do that shit again!
But now I must take another photo shoot!
Naked with the tattoo!
Yes, this must happen as soon as this bitch heals, OUCH!!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Summer Promises

I am having a silent fit!
OK, it's not so silent, but it is very much a fucking fit!
I made promises to myself this summer,
Take erotic photo shoot, check
have a one night stand, check
Go to new Orleans, check
do at least two gigs out of town, check
go to the national poetry slam, check
try to maintain a certain level of cool,
okay so on this one I might be fucking up a bit,
my frustration levels are causing me to be a bit more bitchier than usual,
for I am a sexual being having no sex,
and let's face it the world is fucked up,
so uncoolness via,natural disaster
or associating with those who call your bitch demons to the surface don't count right?
So, check
Did you notice there was no check!
Here it is the first day of Fall and there is no tattoo!
Not on my arm or on my ass, and I am not happy!
I want to go out tomorrow and get my damn tattoo!
Who's with me!!

Oh, by the by, today is National Ice Cream Cone Day!
Go out get a scoop and give yourself a big ole hug from me!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Talk Like a Pirate

Yes it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
And yes, I dressed and talked like a pirate all day,
and my class was great.
Yes, sure most of them were embarrassed as my pirate attire was very over the top.
Including the facial hair I added.
We plundered through Target, then off to The Pirate's Cove to face Blackbeard's Challenge.

Who knew they would be so bad at miniature golf.
It took a bit longer for some, and many balls ended up in the water.
I was thoroughly entertained.
It's all a part of my educational scheme, where I tie in my themes:
Hispanic Heritage Month ( a week was not fucking nearly enough)
Then a glimpse of Piracy,
so when Columbus Day rolls around we can discuss the greatest and most ruthless pirate celebrated in America ( aside from the one currently in office),
then I show the effects of the European Explorers on the Hispanic regions of North and South America. That takes me to November where I can then talk about how the Native Americans were devastated by the same Encounters!!!!!
If our children don't learn their history, they will repeat it!!!
You know when I started doing the poetry thing,
I ran up on people who strongly disagree with my opinions,
but couldn't quite put it into words the parts I got wrong.
Just want to tell me I'm not looking at the situation right.
I have no vision problems when it comes to bullshit.
Idiot people who react to what I say as if it were the gospel truth.
These same folks are offended that I am a teacher.
They say education is not political................................fucking idiot freaks!!!
Of course education is political.
I bought a shirt today that kinda sums up my feelings on the subject of people who can't sort opinion from fact and even write that
"parents should opose me being a teacher"
That's right the dickhead spelled oppose wrong.
Guess it's because his teacher didn't think the educational system in this country is political. Well, I would have at least taught him to spell...
My shirt says," Never underestimate stupid people in large groups".
Which is probably what folks were saying when my class stepped out as pirates today.?
I'd rather think they were saying to themselves," What a cool ass teacher! I wish I were back in school so she could be my teacher!"
Yes, that's totally what they were saying!!!!!
You know it's true!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Poetic Exorcism

Up all night in and our of dreams, consisting of words.
Rough stuff, and yes I look crazy after only 3 hours of sleep.
Walking into a middle school classroom sleep deprived
gives them an edge that you wouldn't believe.
Working this morning the banter a little louder than usual
didn't really register, until it sounded like they were screaming at each other.
So I had to pull the Mad Insane Teacher Card,
and outshout them into silence.
I am not firing on all thrusters.
But I wrestled the two new poems out of me last night.
A kind of poetic exorcism.
Sounds painful doesn't it.
Both pieces are so squishy, not my normal shit.
Oh well, it is what it is.
Here's one:

© Theresa Davis 9/2005

A candle sits on my bedside table
And I want to strike a match
To kiss the wick
To watch the flicker
The glow
Nothing moves as beautifully
As flame dancing
Unlit it remains
I've owned it for almost a year
Earth toned inspiration
Waiting to be realized
Waiting for a spark from me
But it remains unlit
You see, I have this five-year old
He's this amazing man-child
Who reminds me of me
Smart, funny, a little twisted
He comes by it honestly
But he has been conditioned
Conditioned to believe
That a lit candle means
A party
A birthday party to be exact
And no matter the month
The birthday must be his
So in good conscious
I can't light it
I'm a mom
I mean, imagine the guilt
If lit and blown out
When the smoke clears
There is no cake

But in my mind
I light the candle
Every time hardship comes
It's lit
The flame flickers in my minds eye
Offering up a blessing
Of peace,
Of hope
In my mind I watch the flames
The glow inspires me
My inspiration feeds the flame
And in my mind it glows
Even though it remains unlit
It brings me comfort
Brand new it sits
On my bedside table
Rotund it bears 3 wicks
Fearing yet awaiting flames

In my heart I light one
Whispering a prayer for those in need
Basking in the glow of potential joy

I light another
In the glimmer I find myself
Looking forward to better days
Looking forward to the future

I light the third
In it's illumination
I murmur a secret wish
A simple wish that bring a smile to my face
And then a hope as I breathe in
That when I blow out the flames
There will be cake

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I am now very anxious to get my tattoo.
Been thinking about it all day.
I think next week end maybe.
I am a total pussy when it comes to pain, so if you want to come see me cry like a baby, please do.
This poem has been haunting me.
I dream it vividly and can only retrieve snatches of it when I wake.
The recurring line is I Know,
and it rhymes then breaks over and over again.
Like it wants to follow some form and then break ranks just for the fuck of it.
It's a rowdy little poem.........

Teasing my tongue,
whispered in the dark
caressing me like a lover
under the cover of night
touching me deeply
leaving only slight impressions on my skin
in my mind
waking twisted sheets hold me down
it looks like we made love again last night
and again
fading memories
of sweet nothings in my ear
the words on my lips
like the goodbye kiss you never give me
as you fade into morning

She's a sexy little poem as well.

I'm feeling this

I tried to put one of those moving pictures on here but it didn't work.
More to come after Writing, then spelling, then math.....dang!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sixth Sense

You know I went through most of the day yesterday not registering that it was September 11th. I didn't realize it last night until Java Monkey. I decided to do Warning Signs because it speaks directly to that day. Two poets before I was to read my friend Cindy called.
Cindy is great!
She's one of those people who make you smile.
I can feel like crap, but she greets me every work morning with a tone in her voice that makes me feel light.
" Hey Theresa, how you doing?"
And I always smile and sometimes the answer is ,
"Did you say how or who I'm doing?"
Or " I had a fucked up evening. Thanks for asking."
Smiling the entire time.
She has a laugh that makes it all better, on my down days I find myself trying to be witty so her laughter will lift me up.
I'm totally using her.
We both benefit.
Any who.
She called me while I was at Java, and I answered it, something I try not to do while poets perform. It felt urgent that I talk to her, because it was 9/11.
Cindy's brother Vernon Cherry, was a New York Firefighter.
He was one of the first firefighters who entered the Towers, and was one of the last bodies they found the following May.
It's unfortunate, but Cindy and I share a lot of loss.

On 9/11, when the first plane struck, we were on our way to a memorial service for a student we both loved who was killed in a senseless car accident. We lost three students that year.

Then in November or boss Dr. Lorraine Wilson passed away.

After her brother's body was recovered, her mother passed away.

The following spring, my father.

But with all that loss, we, she and I, have found a friendship that is solid and strong.
She knows I will bend over backwards, drop everything if she needs anything. And I know she'd do the same. I have truly been blessed to find myself surrounded by people who inspire me and love me, unconditionally. She's late to work today and I sit here at my desk trying to think of something to make her smile, because I know the first thing she will do is say, " Hey Theresa, how you doing?"
And I'll get to tell her how I've been thinking about her.
Of course I'll figure out a way to make it sound dirty.
She will smile give me a blushing giggle.
I will smile because her presence demands it,
and we will both have an excellent day!
All because of my dirty mind, and her infectious laughter!
What a great combo!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

draggin' my ass

i will not be using capital letter and my punctuation may be sketchy my spelling will in some cases be wrong because the u and p keys on my comter, computer stick from time to time.
i can not get my shit together,
it's like i'm moving through jello all slow and slower.
i don't seem to have any energy and it occurs to me that a doctor's visit may be in order.
i drank an energy drink the other day and was knocked out to the point of drooling 30 minutes later,
that would be the opposite of energy.
still feeling helpless and unmotivated wanting to help all those displaced but not really knowing how.
i am doing some benefits but it hardly seems enough.i wish i were a mega church, not so much the god thing but the money thing,
hey have they stepped up yet?
the dollars and the longs?
can i vent a minute?
of course i can,
it's my blog and i can bitch if i want to.
bitch if i want to,
bitch if i want to,
you would bitch to if this happened to you!
that made me grin,
so i went to uhaul to rent a storage space and the peson who was helping me....
i guess we could call it that,
drug this 30 minute process out to an hour and a half.
i was transfixed by her lack of everything.
i watched her like one would watch maybe a car crash just morbid curiosity seeing how long this would take and how she managed to look efficient while not accomplishing much.
it was surreal, between the gold donning most of her front teeth,
the nails that threatened to skewer me,
and the fact that her phone rang no less than seven times while she was not helping me,
by helping me.
the ring tone some obnoxious rap tune calling me a hoe,
seven times,
which she answered everytime telling me after every call that if it wasn't important she wouldn't have taken the call. when what i could deduce from the one side of the conversation was the where and what club would be hopping seemed to be the topic.
i love a party scene as much as the next gal,
so she was right it was very important.
i would feel bad if my acquiring a storage unit from her at work
interfered with her party plans after work.
i tried not to look confused, and couldn't,
which she took as me not understanding as she slowed her speech and talked louder
i almost laughed (it would have been an insane laugh)
as i signed my possessions soul over to the uhaul underlord.
my entire week seems as strange as that moment.
i did hear some awesome poetry at cliterati
and collin rocks my world.
madeline will set java's ears on fire.
i've taken to being reserved in my reading so much so that i didn't even recognize my own words, i've got to not do that in the future.
i have not felt this sensitive in like forever.
that's what i need,
and not the battery operated kind.
sadly i'm not even motivated to meet people,
and how are you going to sleep with them if you don't meet them.
no one's interested any way.
i've turned into this boring old person.
it had to happen.
okay i'm watchin my daughter play the willie wonka ps2 game. and insane squirrels are attacking her character and it is fucking funny. she's screaming "rabid squirrel" and "get him off, get him off". a good cleansing laugh, that felt good.... there she goes again...haaahaaahaaa
check ot my lame ass web site and please offer up suggestions.
also if someone would like to write a bio for me that would be cool, when i talk abot myself i sound stid, stuid, stupid, shit...see what i mean.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

An attempt to clear my head

I have been on the verge of tears for days. Knowing you live in a society deeply rooted in racism, inhumanity and short-sightedness, somehow doesn't prepare you to stare it in the face. I am sickened by the language used, by the lack of respect and leadership. Our government doesn't have our back, and our security doesn't exist in this homeland. I visited New Orleans this summer, I turned 40 in New Orleans! It will be forever changed. The following is an attempt to clear my thoughts, although, true clarity and understanding may never be gained.

Theresa Davis © 2005

Water, water everywhere But not a drop to drink,
Not pure enough to make you holy
But real enough to make you think
Not clean enough to quench your thirst
Falling tears make levels rise
As those perched safely on dry land
Morn the many who have died

Flooding emotions make my head spin
As I dog paddle towards the air pockets in my mind
That don't exist
This drowning sensation that presses On my lungs
as I Choking on fear, on sorrow
And my lack of understanding of how
I could be drowning without the presence of

Trickling through my fingers
I stand before a mirror
My reflection not quite right
Tortured expressions that can't be washed away with the
I use to Wash away the tears
it seems redundant
Seems wasteful
Seems wrong
And I'm afraid that it won't work
I saw you in May for the first time
Because I wanted to know your face
The road I traveled
In the aftermath of Katrina's fury
Sanctioned by Mother Nature
And those who could have prevented chaos, death, desperation
The road I traveled
Washed clear
As clear as the liquid flowing through my splayed fingers

This element
This necessary libation
That can take on many forms
This wonder of nature
That sustains Gives birth to new generations
More of it in our bodies
Than the blood that flows through our veins
But not a drop to drink
Not pure enough to make you holy
But real enough to make you think
Not clean enough to quench you thirst
Falling tears make levels rise
As we perched safely on dry land
Morn the many who have died
And the many who will need us
as they struggle to survive


I can not stop thinking about how unsecured we are in our new state of so called Homeland Security. And this dumb ass quote from the head dumb ass boggles my mind.

"I'm not looking forward to this trip," Bush said as he toured Alabama and Mississippi and headed for Louisiana. "It's as if the entire Gulf Coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you can imagine," he said.

I'm sure American citizens weren't looking forward to this tripped out scenario,
and you didn't have to imagine this disaster,
you were told.
Maybe if someone had drawn a picture and labeled it so you could understand it,
you would have understood that the facts were the facts and not a fucking suggestion.
When you get the information then you begin long-term planning time not after.
Duh, I mean Dubya.

I wonder what the spin will be?
Who will have to take the blame for this?
How many times can "we didn't know?" and "help is on the way" be acceptable answer from the powers that be?
Is Osama behind it? Well I'm sure he'll be connected.
The eighteen year old young man who borrowed (not looted) a bus to save people, may be prosecuted? Where the fuck are we?
Did we just land in the Twilight Zone or were we here to begin with?
How long did it take relief efforts to get to Bushland Florida? Was the storm even off the radar before help was administered?
Again black people wading in the waters.
This time to be freed from fear, death, starvation, and the short sighted stupidity, that is the signs of our times. Racism is not and has never been dead, It lives well, shoe shopping and chocking on pretzels in the White House.
Thinking about the idea of troops, fresh from Iraq, firing on Americans thrown into desperation from their own government frightens me.
Will New Orleans become the new battle ground?
Will we have Soldiers shooting poor, frightened, panicked, civilians that shouldn't be there?
People who don't earn much money but still pay taxes?
People who have watched bodies floating in water and dying on the streets?
Can you imagine the trauma?
Very Scary.

Friday, September 02, 2005

American Refugees

American Refugees in America. Never thought I'd see the day.
This is a situation that should never have happenend. We were lulled into believing that disasters in America come in the form of planes crashing into buildings or weapons of mass destruction that may or may not exist.
Mother nature is pissed.
And seems to be purging.
Does anybody else think that this extreme weather hads gotten worst over the last two years?
Could there be a correlation to the bombs being dropped daily?
Can the earth withstand constant bombardment and it not throw something off balance?
Where do the fumes go?

Listening to the news this morning watching the images of babies barely conscious is truly frightening. Learning that all those budget cuts ( some designated to fix the or prevent the flooding problem) went to do more worthwhile things like?????
Why five days into this are people still there? Where are the fucking rock stars singing their songs of relief?
Where are the big businesses so willing to provide assistance to other nations at the drop of a hat? Dubya planning to go and what?
Tell these people what lie?
It's much easier to lie about what the fuck you are or are not doing in another country, not so much when the devastation is sitting in your backyard!
People are desperate, he will need lots of protection.
I don't think they want to be talked to they want action.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finders, Looters!!

I was sent an e-mail today with pictures of people wading in the flood water of NO.
The first picture is a black woman.
The captions read " woman wading after looting from a grocery store".
The other picture is a white woman.
Caption reads " woman wades after finding bread and soda in a grocery store".

And it warms my fucking heart to know that with all this devastation,
all this loss,
all this mayhem,
that racism is alive and well in America's media.
It boggles my mind how fucking stupid some people can be.
It makes me wonder about a lot of thing though........
Like, did Dubya find himself a new presidency or did the bastard loot the election?

I can not tell you how fun it was watching the pandemonium at the pumps?
Do people not realize that panic in the populous is like a calling card for gouging?
In a three block radius the price of gas yesterday ranged from $2.89 to 3.79.
Then on the very edge one gashole was charging $4.89.
Can you say CRACKHEAD ?
I think his reasoning was that folks will get tired of the line
and come on over for expensive crap gas.
He had about 8 customers, so I guess it worked.
Not on me though!
I mosied ( how the hell do you spell that word)!
I sauntered my ass over to the QT.
Hard to saunter in a car but I do it well.
There are two entrances.
One sported a line.
The other did not.
I chose the side that did not.
Drove right up to the pumped and watched as the folks in line had blocked it up so
bad that they couldn't get around to the other side where 5 folks fueled up and left in the time I was there. I think people heard that there were lines, so folks would have been disappointed if they weren't in a line.
The line helped to make the panic real and keep the stress high.
Would give them some nice coversation of FUEL RAGE,
as they shelled out over $100 bucks to fill up the ol Suburban.
Don't you think?
Having gone to NO for the first time this summer, the images are hard to believe.
To actually see places I visited, or ate at under water.
Very surreal.
I wonder if the war will let up so some of those funds can be used to help the victims in this war with nature we seem to find ourselves in.
Between Hurricanes, and people being trampled on bridges, a lot of people died this week.
Many didn't have to.
I need to go read and write poetry to clear my fucking head.
I'll try not to loot any beer at the bar. But if I just find'll be okay....right America?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat's on Crack!!!

Why can Pat Robertson wish a political leader dead on National TV and I can't?
Why can he plead to a group of churchy type folks to help bring about this leaders demise and I can't encourage my activist friends in the same way by the same means?
I'm sorry not demise he wants them to "Take Out" this leader?
Is it because I'm not a member of the 700,
holier than thou,
bass ackwards,
closet racist,
but not far enough in the closet that we don't notice club.
I'm sorry what he said to me is the equivalent of a terroristic threat!
I guarantee if one of us
( heathen assholes that we are)
went on national TV and said
"Someone needs to take OUT Pat with a George on the side,"
The FBI and the CIA not to mention the homeland security dicks would be so far up your ass you'd be shitting political bullshit for the rest of your life!
So here's what we need to do.
We need to join the 700 Club!
Then we need to become a Holier than Thou, Heathenistic Assholes.
Then we can threaten who ever the fuck we want.
When we want (rightnow)!
Where we want ( on national TV)!
How we want ( dangling on God's sleeve) !
Sorry, I can't do it!
That's way to fucked up... even for me!
It's a hard one to get, but you did it!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

National Pictures

That has got to be the ugliest picture I've taken recently. I have taken some bad ones, I guess BUSH IS AN ASSHOLE POETY brings out the ugly in me.

National Poetry Slam
August 2005

Monday, August 22, 2005

Still Up!!!!

School has started back!
I love my new class,
of course we are still in the honeymoon stage
of the 180 day marriage so things could change.
5 boys and 5 girls a nice even mix.
I have just finished with the best summer of my life.
No romance but,
what's love got to do with it.
I traveled,
turned forty,
did all the things I wanted to do and more!
The only things left is to dye my hair.
I can't decide whether to dye it all black to hide the gray, or just do the tips.
The other thing is my tattoo.
I must do this. I
will do this.
I will do this soon.
I will try to do this next weekend!
The show at Theatrical Outfit,
was amazing.
The experience alone was worth trying this new thing!
People really likes the fusion of dance and spoken word.
Warning Signs was incredibly intense, the dancers equally intense and magnificent!
I can not wait for another opportunity to another project like this.
If you want to check out a clip of the rehearsal of the other piece "Thief" check it out here .
I should be getting the other video soon and I will share because it was very exciting!
The IRS came through for me.
How often can those word be spoken?
I have received something from them or state 4 times in the last two weeks,
and I wasn't killed or horribly disfigured by an insane car accident that happened right in front of me Friday night.
Guess I'm not done tearing shit up here on earth so I get to stay.
Art Amok, Kicks Ass! If you weren't there shame on you!
Don't be afraid to come hang out with the cool kids!
I came in second in the slam!
Then an entire bottle of wine became uncorked in the front seat of my car.
There was a puddle of wine in the florr, so now my car smells like it has a problem.
Sunday the final show at the Outfit was my best,
I have met so many cool people this summer,
I feel cool by proxy.
The the Monkey,
where I hit the wall,
The exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks.
I was almost drooling.
The waiter walking by and spilling a very cold liquid down my arm woke me up.
But not for long, I had to leave soon after I shared.
I know this is kind of rambling, but I can do that if I want!
Labry's is considering giving me two pages for poetry in the magazine, please submit poetry to

Friday, August 19, 2005

First Week Back

My poetry high is finally dwindling. Only to be rekindled by the events of this week end!!!!
Art Amok @ 7 Stages this week end is going to be off the chain.
Saturday at the Stages there is a workshop on how to get published as well as an open mic, slam, Katz from Athens Boys Choir will be the feature Lily Lewis performing in the Cafe, and a whole lot more!!!!
Atlanta's second slam team will be forming from this series.
Also this weekend
Choreographer's Corner 2005
August 19 - 21 2005
Theatrical Outfit 84 Luckie Street, Atlanta,Georgia 30303
Featuring new works by choreographers
Antonio Sisk, Lynorris Evans, Kikora Franklin and Dara Steven
sand the collaborative works of Choreographer Dawn Axam,
with Spoken Word Artist Theresa Davis
and Singer/ Songwriter Jahi Kearse.
Premering the much anticipated works of the Dawn Axam Theater Experience
Friday, August 19 @ 8pmSaturday, August 20 @ 3 & 8pmSunday, August 21 @ 3pm$20 Adults / $15 Children and Seniors

This show is mind-blowing and beautiful!
Hope to see you all out and about!

Monday, August 15, 2005

There Are No Mosquitoes In Albuquerque!

Blue skies, warm, dry air
Nationals rocked
and I wish you were there
every where you turned poetic words flowed
over 75 teams competing
who would win no one could know!
Oh My Deity!
Amazing! 75 Teams,
poetry everywhere!
They were all so kind and considerate...Up until the end but I'll get into that later.
The bouts were amazing. I was almost a sacrificial poet for Atlanta's bout until they found out I was from Atlanta. I told them I was from Earth, then John said hey and gave me a hug.
Then, as a volunteer mind you ,I was fired from that position,
and fired from time keeping because I was from Atlanta,
and again fired from score keeping because I was from Atlanta.
The idiot who fired the school teacher, who can add thank you very much, took on drunk score keepers. Poor Karen G she didn't lose her temper, but the word asshole came up when we recapped the evening.
The team from Del Ray had an incredible group peace that rocked! I was a judge for their bout and damn! And Hawaii Oh My Damn, they did a piece called The Americans Are Coming! Breathtaking and in your face!
They had several smaller readings ( still in front of anywhere from 50 the 150 folks) that I attended. My performance were very well received and even leaving for the air port folks were telling me how much they loved the Butterfly piece. I think it's a hit, I took it on the road and they liked it! They had Queer readings, African American readings, Grief and Remembrance, Geek Slam , and World Peace readings! There were many others that I didn't qualify for like, Hispanic Reading, Idigenous, and Asian to name a few! Amazing!!!!!!!!
ABQ won the Nationals.
In the runnings was, Fort Worth, Hollywood, Charlotte and ABQ.
Everybody was awesome.
The Guy from Hollywood did a piece where he took a line from every poet he performed with and every poem performed that night and worked it into this masterpiece, with the ending line " I may not be the best poet, but I am the best Listener!"
There was boooooing in the audience during the show.
I heard a lot of it and some was from Locals the others however were from other teams.
Now, In my opinion when you make anything a kinda spectator sport that kind of thing is par for the course. When Charlotte went to get their second place trophy, one of the poets took it upon herself to reprimand all of ABQ saying that they needed to teach their people some home training, because it was ABQ who was boooing the other poets. Mind you ABQ Team is on the stage waiting to get their first place. She ruined it for them in my opinion. Then to further protest she proceeded to take this completely defensive stand while one of ABQ youngest poets ( who was not allowed to compete) did her piece. She refused to leave the stage, when they finally got her off she yelled and screamed at people back stage, interrupting ABQ'S poet and their win in my opinion.
It all came out like sour grapes and ego.
My momma has always said," you can't walk up into someone else's house and tell them how to raise their children." It was embarrassing, everything was all good and great, the town was incredibly nice and the police looked the other way on so much illegal shit. She fucked up everybody's mood. The head organizer who worked his ass off and probably kissed a lot of ass had to apologize for her outburst. It was a truly fucked up ending to a beautiful thing!
Next year, I am so going to be there! And compete and manage to not be a bitch about anything so's I don't ruin it for others.

The whole time I was their not one mosquito, but those bastards were waiting for me at the airport!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Icing on the Cake

The good times just keep on rolling along.
The IRS came through.
How many times have you been able to say, Yea IRS!
I know me neither.
But, here it is.
My brother got me a flight to Albuquerque with sky miles for my Birthday.
My pals Karen G and Stacie got me a room, for my birthday.
All I had to do was worry about food, venue fees, and drinking, not necessarily in that order.
I was trying to juggle my car note and even asked my mom for money.
Who wants to do that?
I mean she's the coolest mom in the cosmos, but her interest rates could be like....Damn!
Not only was I able to pay my credit card to a zero balance,
I also paid all my doctor bills from my surgery,
all the household bills... Now sport a zero balance,
back to school clothes for the kiddies,
some swanky very inappropriate T-shirts for me,
new jeans ( as my ass is getting wider, and it's all because light beer sucks),
and I will have a no sweat time(except for the heat in NM).
And I can rest assured, and I think that my finances will not be hampered in the future by a deadbeat,
dad that is!
My oldest turns 17 next week and my 4 year old will turn 5, five days later.
I am diggin the upswing, and I do not take it for granted,
for I know that things can change,
in the blink of an eye!!!!
What an INCREDIBLE summer!
Thanks to all of you who made it possible!
I love you madly,
with icing and a cherry on top!
Now if I get laid on top of all this, I may explode!!!!!!
And I have a room by myself with a king size bed so.....It could happen?
So step back, I wouldn't want you to get any on ya.......That is unless you like that sort of thing?

If Loving This is Wrong I Don't Want to be Right

It seems wrong to be this happy.
I said at the beginning of the summer that if I couldn't cut it with this poetry thing,
that I'd have to give it considerably less of my time.
Cut back on everything and stick to the writing aspects.
Never in a million years could I have dreamed the summer I have had!
You get to a point in your life where you don't necessarily expect the worst but it happens.
It occurred to me tonight that I haven't been this happy with myself in a very long time.
My children are supportive and healthy,
and I am starting my 15th school year,
(mind you this is the only job I've had for more than two years),
My ex and Dubya are fucking up royally, but they make for great writing subjects,
I'm traveling,
and in the same week, I do my first internet radio interview,
I get my own poetry page in Labrys Magazine,
and Word Diversity collective Kicks Off!
In addition, a new dance company will premier and two of my poems are a part of the choreography,
I posed naked earlier this summer( with my fat ass),
and managed to make my mother proud at the same time!

And I can't help but think of Jikki!
I love and miss him so much,
and I know in my soul he's proud of me
and I am grateful,
that before he left this world physically
he gave me the verbal kick in the ass
I needed to realize and understand that
I got in the way of my own happiness,
that I deserve to be happy,
and that I am the only one who could do it for me.
He knew he couldn't hand it to me,
but he released me nonetheless.
Thank you, Jikki!
Now I have to go wash my face,
bawling like an idiot will only result in puffy eyes and a major headache.
I couldn't sleep through the thoughts swimming in my brain, now I think I can.
Good morning!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Business of Words

I have had a very exciting summer! I have had all kinds of firsts.
And today I added another. This afternoon I met with Collin Kelley, who interviewed me for his internet radio show. Alice was interviewed as well and they will be available at the following times.
Leisure Talk Radio
The Business of Words
Theresa: Aug. 9 - Aug. 20 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10, 2 and 6 p.m. and a.m.
Alice: Aug. 23 - Sept. 4. Same days and times as above.
Check it out!!!!

Last night I finally had my 40th birthday celebration.
Not a big gathering but a very cool one.
About 10 of us including Malika and Dion!
And yes naked in the hot tub did happen those of you who missed it.....
I'd like to say too bad you missed an opportunity, but we all know that if there is a chance for me to get naked in a hot tub.... Well, color me naked!
I leave next week for New Mexico, I have no idea how or what to pack.
My next party hopefully will happen soon, and involve fire.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


i thought i was computer stupid.
turns out i am just computer special.
what i needed was collin to teach me how to do some shit on my blog.
i think my picture might actually show up now. and i learned how to link.
i'm tired as hell, feeling cool as hell cause my buddy taught me something new today.
when you learn something new you get a wrinkle in your brain.
i'm feeling really wrinkly right now.
but if the side effect of a new wrinkle is a gray hair ........
damn, like i don't have enough of them.
i am considering coloring my hair next month.
you know how it is you look 40 in the face and you start trying to camouflaged.
what color should i go with?
whole head or tips?
imput goddammit,
i need input!!!!
help a poor, gray haired, old as hell sista out, why don't cha!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Stay away from CRAZY!!!

Have you ever heard that saying, "If you see crazy coming, you'd better cross the street."
Why do we not listen?
Why do we mistake crazy for something cute, or rational?
Why can't we just see crazy for the for the insane fuck up that it is?
Why do we marry it?
Have children with it?
Talk to it on the phone where bullshit flows freely and you reach all new levels of pissed!
And then are surprised when we fantasize crazy being struck by lightning, or hit by multiple vehicles, or maybe even abducted by aliens and probed often.
If only had I listened, not only would I have crossed the street, I would have crossed the state line!

Wishing I'd have crossed the damn street! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


have you ever walked past a chair
and had one of your locks catch in between the space on the back of it,
and have it snatch your ass back with a force
that leaves you sprawled on the floor laughing your ass off
despite the pain in your hips?
add 2 pitchers of beer,
makes it twice as funny,
has that ever happened to you???

me neither....ouch!

i'm too old for this shit!
i could break a hip, then what?
i can hear me now screaming,
" help i've fallen and i cant get up!"
and hearing crickets.
who will come to my rescue...
i don't think so.
house of poets was cool despite the fact that there were only 6 people in the audience,
one of them kinda scary, very scary, fucking horrifically scary.
thanks friends,
it occurred to me that you folks have seen way too much of me.
so august i will hit it hard and then fade away until the recording of my CD.
it will be all the way live..........
live audience,
i've found the perfect place.
and i'd invite you but you wouldn't usual.
i won't sweat you with the details,
i'll stick with my tried and true,
you know who you are!!!!
wired as always after sex
i mean poetry....
you know what i mean!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

House of Poets

Great week!
My sister got married yesterday, despite me reminding her how evil that institution is.
It's like prison with sexual privileges.
She doesn't believe me, she believes she's found her soul mate.
She might be right lord knows they have been through enough.
I had to leave before the drink kicked in.
My daughter called me saying, " Mom, I think your sister's traumatizing me. She's......she's....Well, I think she's (whispering) drunk."
I said." Is she in the same room that you're in? "
"Can everybody else in the room see her?"
"Then why are you whispering?"
"Cause' if she hears my voice she going to start hugging me and telling me how beautiful I am."
"That traumatizes you?"
"Get over it dude you are beautiful. Don't let her hit her head if she passes out, that would not make for a nice Wedding night, and is likely to really traumatize you."

Dawn Axam-Hocker is incredible!! Last night was a sneak preview of a show she has coming up on August 19, 20, &21. Two of my poems are being performed by dancers!
Very exciting!!!!!
Warning Signs, will be performed by 5 dancers and performed in August.
Thief a new piece written for cancer survivors was rehearsed with a woman, last night she became ill and a new dancer and I were introduced.
His name is Jule, he's beautiful.
We had a whole ten minutes for me to run the poem twice and he get a feel on how he could improv it. He danced behind me, thank god for I have some attention issues, so I couldn't see him. But the response of the audience was great. My buddy Stacie videotaped it and it looks so good.
So needless to say those of you who know me it took till 3 or 4 am for me to calm down.

I am featuring at House of Poets August 1, 2005 @ 8pm!!!

House of Poets takes place at The Red Light Cafe on Amsterdam.
I just found out so I have not had time to advertise. Please, Please, Please if you can come out and support HOP (House of Poets) and me tomorrow!!!
Pretty please with sugar on top!
I'll be your Friend.
Your special friend!
Yes, I will consider putting out if you come to my show??????
There are however stipulations...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Karaoke...The New Crack!

So if some of you don't know, Turner and Bear rock my world.
They had a reading and discussion last night at Charis about gender, gender roles, trans and other terms and shared some of their personal experiences.
I love them.......
Really I do!

After Turner was all like " So let's go to My Sister's Room?"

I was like,"It's Karaoke Night.?"

Bear was all like, " I Love Karaoke."

Melissa was like," I will come but I'm leaving at 11." She didn't leave til after 1. Not her fault it was the Karaoke Crack.

We go to Karaoke night.
Bear and Turner very excitedly hunting for songs to sing, me nursing my Corona.

Then there was lots of singing
it ranged from good to oh my god I'm so embarrassed for you.

Some how Melissa and I get caught up in Karaoke hell and submit songs to sing.
If I have not mentioned it, I can do a lot of things,
not so much.
So I turned in our songs.
I have never done this before.
Correction, I felt fairly sure that I would never do this in my fucking life.
I karaoke in the shower where only the people in the house at the time have to suffer.
Or in my car windows down so the gushing wing carries my bad tunes up, up, and away.

They call Melissa, who sings 9 to 5, she kicked ass.
Then I realized I could be next!
At the same time I realized that I was no where near enough drunk to do this.
Bear noting my dismay promptly bought me a shot of Tequila.
Still not drunk enough but the smell of tequila on my breath may convince some that I am.

I sing (if in all honesty we can call it that) Lenny Kravits "Fly Away".
I took off my head scarf so the Locks could distract from my actual singing if that is what we agree to call it. Apparently I was better than I thought, because while Turner took Photo's of Melissa (damn camera phones), they got caught up watching and there are no incriminating photos of me in a karaoke induced fit of what I believe we agreed to call singing.

We, Melissa and I actually contemplate singing, (again a questionable description of what we did) another song. But then I did it. There I was having successfully done this embarrassing thing and came out of it with no evidence that it had taken place.
Next thing I know,
and in my defense were just going to say the Tequila kicked in ,
I am on stage with Keisha (who really can sing),
Jocelynn and Turner singing Proud Mary.
When the song gets faster I jump off the stage doing my Tina Turner impersonation.
Lots of jerking motions and gyrations, I'm pretty good at that, next thing I know, the bartender is pulling me on the stage saying "those white girls need to get down, you need to be up there." Coming from a white girl I took this as a compliment. Now, low and behold, there is a video account of that slip, that downward spiral into the scary world of Karaoke. Damn camera phone with video capability!
I think if I stop now I can beat this thing.
It's just like know ......Help!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hot as hell !!!

I think I am dehydrated.
Not to the point of falling out but enough to make my head foggy.
I often forget to drink water. I must fix that. I always have water in the car.
Right now I have about 5 bottles most half full. I have got to do so much better.

You know how you meet people and you tell them what's going on,
what you're doing,
and they tell you they're going to come and see you?
But basically, they are lying to you, as they are not interested and have no intention to...Whoa big time digression, sorry.
Well, I had a conversation with someone last Friday
in between being confronted by someone who thought
I was competition and accosted by someone else who tried to eat my face
(people should ask before they try to check if you still have tonsils).
In the midst of all that madness and there was more madness that I can't even get into, needless to say if I had actually wanted that much attention,
it most certainly would not have happened,
I had a conversation with someone about what I was doing.
She said she was going to come and come she did!
Not like that, boy I tell you some folks just keep their minds dirty on purpose.

The reading at Outwrite was great.
I was so nervous.
Headgames was a big hit believe it or not I am not the only one who has had to deal with that. Go figure. A lot of people came to support me.
SOVO was out interviewing people about gender roles.
I don't get why people are so focused and distracted by this.
I thought long ago when women braved to get the fuck out of the kitchen and men got in touch with their inner woman, we learned that your gender is just that, it doesn't predetermine you for any role in this jacked world.
People are people.
They live their lives and just because some people aren't afraid to be the person they want to be, those who are get to ask these kinds of questions so that they can judge.
I mean because you are male and church going, wearing your suit and tie, singing your soul out for Jesus, because you do these things does this make you a good man or father?
Or, is it possible for you to be a deadbeat dad, hypocrite, asshole?
And If you were a woman who did the same thing,
Guess What?
You Would Still Be An Asshole!
So it isn't gender we should be fearing or judging...

I am blogging in the nude again,
sitting directly under a fan,
watching Constantine (which is pretty good) and sweating like fiend.
I don't want to move from this spot as uncomfortable as it is.
I have so much shit that needs to,
the phone is ringing...goddammit that means I've got to move, hold on.

It was Sautee Nacooche,
say it three times fast, it will make you smile.
They want me to come back on October 15th!
Yeah!!! Of course I have to check dates but it sounds right.
Very cool.
I have to put on clothes now walk out to my car and get my planner so I can be doing something and feeling productive. When all I really want to do is go to an air conditioned movie theater and eat nachos.
Resist the urge to slack off.....
Resist the urge to slack off..........
I wonder when Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starts..........mmmmmmm canned cheese;-)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Rock Star

So......It seems I shall have to reconsider my staunch opposition to exercise.
My baby keg,
I call her Honey,
is out of control and trying to come between me and my feel good pants.
Can't have that.
I prefer exercise of a more close, horizontal, sweating, touchy, feely, tasting kind of way.
Since that shits not happening anytime soon, I may have to go back to my regiments of the long ago days when I was cheering and doing the pageant's.
I was really trying not to go back their,
the flashbacks are awful,
the pyramids and constant clapping,
the smearing of Vaseline on teeth to make a smooth smile,
pivot, wave, turn.
I think I see therapy on my horizon.
That is unless we( me and Honey, that is) find an eager participant to reignite my preferred form of exercise.
I'm not giving up on my mission,
o look good in the feel good pants and find a real exercise partner,
but in the mean time Honey will not be happy with the sit-ups and lite beer,
and neither am I!

Java Monkey was so good last night.
The host, Kodac, always breaks the list down in to gender.
Last night two gender-jammers were there.
Fucked up the method to the madness of Java demographics.
All I could think was Collin would love this!
The gender benders only eluded to their true gender and I believe Kodac loved it!
I have never seen him smile so much!
Turner and Bear Rock my world!

I wrote a new piece called Interview for the Position of Rock Star Poet.
I know the title is long as hell I'll work on it.
I like the piece it makes me laugh.
But we Gemini's have this belief that we have an excellent sense of humor,
and we do,
it's just that occasionally we find that particularly humorous thing,
that oddly is only funny to us.
Go figure.
So I thought that this might be one of my Gemini moments.
I tried it out and wasn't completely happy with my delivery.
I got my buddy Melissa to direct me in the performing of it.
Felt kinda a little stupid in the big theater on the stage reciting a poem that has the word spam in it, it was kinda hard to stay focused,
but I did it.
Her help made all the difference, she has been deemed the Director of Poetry!
I really liked the piece and it was very well received.
Fun, Fun, Fun, you folks need to come to some of these events!!!!
You are truely missing all the goddamn fun!
All work and no play.....You know!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saute Nacooche

What a week! I traveled to Saute Nacooche.
Not as sexual as it sounds, but it was very fun.
I had several revelations the main one being I have no DAR whatsoever!
I can't tell gay from straight, young from old enough, luckily I can tell boy from girl, but lately that seems about it.

The performance was at a center in Saute Nacooche, I just like typing those words and saying them. They sounds so dirty!!! Say it three times fast. It will make you smile, I promise!

Picture this......... me in WHITE county,
performing in front of about 100 or so WHITE people,
when in the middle of my very political set I realized I am probably standing in BUSH hell!
But I knew my friend Lisa had my back. I made what I hope are a lot of new friends there.

All was well, although, the video dude was so enraged by my performance that he went off on the organizer and said a little something like this," What the fuck is she going on about! You call this Art, you call this Poetry! This is bullshit and she is full of shit!" It made my heart swell with pride! My Daddy would have been proud!!!
They put me up in this beautiful bed and breakfast which could have been so much nicer with a Friend.
Know what I mean?
They want me to come back in October, any takers?
Guess who is on the first page of Labrys?
I don't know who she is but she is fine!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

With Every Beat of My Heart!

28,000 pace makers recalled?
28,000 pacemakers recalled?
Models between 1997 and 2000!
How the fuck do you check your model number?
They are offering free replacements.
I beg to differ there is no way that could be free.
Okay they may Lego there way into giving you a pacemaker that will actually work,
they may even be able to hire a Mc Surgeon to put the goddamn thing in,
but this will not be free.
How many people wake up and say to themselves,
" It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, but it's a little hot. I think I'll check myself into a well air conditioned hospital and while I'm there I think I'll get a pacemaker."
No body does that shit!
You can best believe the majority of those people were sick as shit
when they HAD to have it done!
Everytime you open your body up you risk something, the risk makes this shit absofuckinglutely
(since this is not a word it matters not that I spelled it wrong) not free
Free, this country fucks with my head daily,
reminder buy more mental condoms!

28,000, not 50, not 5,000, but 28,000!
I wonder if Bush would fire anyone who had anything to do with this,
has he fired the one who had to do with that other thing?????????????

I want to see the article titled,
that would make me happy!

Completely unrelated, Is anybody else extremely horny, or is it just me. Cause it could be just me, I was just askin'?