Monday, January 31, 2005


Another day on the couch. Are you my shrink?
I really feel bad for the school children of Atlanta. The weather here plays cruel jokes on them. Friday we had what would amount to cold weather anywhere else in the world but in Lantaese it was a winter storm! Not much snow mostly ice and Saturday it looked all postcard and I know kids were praying that it would continue to cover the ground so on Monday they could have an extra day to relax and catch up on nothing. But as it always is in Atlanta, Sunday brought the sun and thawed any hopes of no school on Monday. Poor kiddies.
I on the other hand would very much like to go to school.
Have you ever slept so much that your body rejects the idea of sleep?'
Did you know that my ceiling has about a half inch of space between the trim and the ceiling?
Did you know that I can drink one of those pint size bottles of Deer Park in one gulp in about 45 seconds?
Did you know that I have 197 DVD'S in the house and at least 10 out on loan?
Did you know that three of the picture on my wall will not stay straight no matter how many time you straighten them?
Did you know that in the Sim's 2 game male sims can have babies and it's funny as hell?
And that also if your sim eats food that's been sitting out they get violently ill and throw up in the toilet?
Did you know that if I don't get out of the house soon I just may lose my fucking mind?

p/s Did you know that Spell check suggested I change fucking with bucking? What the hell would that mean, I just may lose my bucking mind. Not the same ring I think.


Sunday, January 30, 2005


There is no way I am going to be able to do this. I don't do idle. I have had to give up all my vices at once and then I have to sit on my ass and do what? I am able to be active for about thirty minutes before I get shots of pain, when I get up to an hour I'm going to take my ass back to work.
Okay you know I'm talking shit and I know I'm talking shit but it's all I have right now so let me gloss over my existence with talk of well, shit. Enough of that, realistically, I have an appointment in two weeks and if the doc says I'm healing nicely and he thinks it's okay if I resume normal activity, I'm gassing up the vue, buying a 12 pack, bumming a cigarette( I only want one) ,going out, getting laid ( even if I have to do it myself), and taking my ass back to work.
Okay, it took about thirty minutes to get that out now I have a date with hydrocodone and my couch. Ouch!
I watched Romeo Must Die today. Alliyah was on her was wasn't she. She died the same day that Jekonni died. I think he's in cool company. Been thinking about him a lot lately, and Jikki, and Lorraine. I had my surgery in the same hospital that Lorraine died in and next door to the crematory where both she and Jikki were cremated.
Someone come visit me soon, I have way too much thinking time on my hands.
Until my next vent!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Done and Done

I am so glad to be out of that hospital. The surgery went well but whatever happened to nurses? When did they become these not very attentive nice people. I was almost in tears when I left the hospital. I called my mommy to come get me cause damn. They would not bring me pain medication, they spilled ice cold water all over me and my bed clothes as they flung my breakfast to me. Promised they would get me dry bedding no one showed. It was like some strange twilight zone situation where I was being very good ( I didn't curse once) but crazy shit kept happening to me.
Home on my couch now, in control of my own damn pain killers.
I am having an Arnold film festival I have watched The Terminator 1 and 2 ( someone borrowed #3 and they must be punished), The Running Man ( which features another gov. The Body Jessie Ventura, That's got to be the answer to some trivia question), True Lies, Catwoman ( Arnold is not in Catwoman but Halle in her cat suit makes me smile), Total Recall and Eraser. Going to have to have another catsuit smiley booster shot soon.
Think I will have a Nicholas Cage Film festival next, I am open for suggestions.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Counting Down and Freaking Out, a Little Bit

I had insane dreams part two last night. When you are in a semi state of stress the brain can sure go off and highten the stress. I had dreams of surgery that never ended, it was like the whole thing was on a loop or something. Bizarre!
Last night I did my last poetry reading for awhile @ Java Monkey in Decatur.
There were some awesome poets there last night. I read my silly piece No Chance Encounters a poem filled with movie nonsense, it's silly but I like it. It took me almost three months to finish it. People seemed to enjoy it alot, made me feel good.
I came home feeling so good that I wrote a new piece, a mushy lovie thing, not sure where it came from. Guess I'm lonelier than I thought.
Tomorrow at ten. Seems really soon. Going try to relax.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Say it isn't so!!!!

It is not enough that elections are won in ways that seem suspect.
It's not enough that bombs threaten to wipe Iraq off the maps.
It's not enough that typhoon waves devastate the world.
It's not enough that an insane woman cuts a baby from it's mothers womb.
It's not enough that Martha Stewart that crazy corporate criminal had the nerve to compare her sorry a** to Nelson Mandela.
No all this is not enough.
Now it seems that we are to believe that Spongebob Square Pants is gay!
What the hell is that?
It's a cartoon.
It's not real.
And if it really bothers some of you, rest assured that I don't think you are old Bob's type.
Especially if you can't absorb new ideas.
If you can't embrace your squareness.
Sorry, I got sucked in to the insanity, Tinky Winkie and Bob stay strong and hold it down!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Seussology in the Now

This is the page I will be using to update and vent about my days recovering on my sofa.
I am going to start before the surgery just so we can all get use to it.
Today is January 20th and earlier at school my class and I watched the biggest pack of likes spoken in front of the biggest audience... what's the name ofthat show oh yeah, the inaguration.Hope folks were wearing their hip boots. Anyway.. tonight I will be performing at the 5 Spot in Little Five Points. I go on at about 7:45pm, Malika is also performing and she is ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS!