Monday, April 09, 2007

Sim Crack

i am re hooked on the sims.
now they have this action where they can free style. it's like a spoken word rap kinda fusion thing spoken in siminese. hilarious
who cares if my friends fall out or off the radar? i can re-create them with scary accuracy and not let them pee. i can make them the crazy old cat ladies they are in their heads. i can make NEW FRIENDS!! And now that i have seasons and pets you can be left in the rain or sucked up into a terrible tornado you and your little dog too!

fun, sad but fun.
back to school. omg
three droolers and one who forgot that you need stuff like pens, paper, your textbooks, a lunch. holy crap. they will become sims now for their sins.

my mom called me six times today asking me to pick her up. each time giving me a different time. i asked her, "are you aware that you keep asking me the same thing?" yes, she says like it makes perfect sense for her to continue to do so. finally calling me with a rapid fire of three different times . i said can you just pick a time any goddamn time. she thought this was hilarious. then she called back still laughing, she forgot she had a ride already............i decide it's not Alzheimer's, she's incredibly busy organizing the U S Social Forum yes it's that, she's not just fucking with me. she may have to become a sim for her sins............???

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