Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hindsight is a bitch

so i'm driving along running late for work. not rushing cause late is late there are no degrees so once the state of lateness has been reached no matter how soon after that you arrive you are still late. i knew my students first class today was dance. driving along listening to a book on tape. very aware of my fellow georgians who apparently got their licenses off the back of cereal boxes or dug from the bottom of a box of cracker jacks. i saw her. she turned around twice completely looking in the back seat. i said zion brace yourself, she's going to hit us. traffic ahead slows i slow and she slams into me with a force that scare the shit out of my son. i think i may be a little jammed up from bracing myself for the impact.

saturn's are the best cars on the planet. she hit ne so hard the impact crumpled her front end and she probably has a couple thousand dollars worth of damage. i have three scratches in my bumper.
bad drivers suck!
saturn's rock!!


Collin said...

Damn. Glad you're okay. Those seconds before the impact -- that you know is coming -- are horrifying.

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

true that. spent most of the day today at the chiropractors. i have a lovely case of whiplash...makes for a stiff performer. see you tomorow!