Friday, May 03, 2013

30/30 Do you have morals

my reaction
was not so much about the question
more about what you wanted to ask
but didn't

you were not concerned about my principles
or the distinction between right and wrong
you were calling me wrong
hoping my response would make you right

and it's sad really
me expressing conveying my truth
you judging
have I mentioned
I love the way you judge
the way you know wrong and right
because of the mere fact that
you are male and straight
quoting scriptures with that drink in your hand
Looking all sinful but with soul

but me
I'm too classy
won't ask if you've ever cheated on you wife
driven while high or imbibed
have you ever made a move
on someone young enough
to be your daughter
or fudged on your taxes
cut someone off in traffic
ever lied stole or gambled
because if i asked those
would be real questions
unlike the one you posed to me
I might be over reacting the way females do
and those lesbians they all radical and fringe

Now had you asked
do I conduct myself in such a way
that hundreds of parents entrusted
me with co-parenting privileges
or does anyone see me beyond my sexuality
or if the children I birthed and raised
hold my name in their hearts tight
or is it a fact that I can conform but choose not to
mostly because I refuse to be vague
in my existence

so excuse me
if I don't answer you question
but when you get brave enough
to ask the one lodged in you throat
the one tangled in your homophobia
when you ask the right question
trust me
I will have the right answer


Marykay Mentzer said...

It truly is right there...give it to us/them/me. It's right there; *do not* pull those punches. They deserve their full impact.

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

I am revisiting this one. Thanks Marykay