Monday, January 31, 2005


Another day on the couch. Are you my shrink?
I really feel bad for the school children of Atlanta. The weather here plays cruel jokes on them. Friday we had what would amount to cold weather anywhere else in the world but in Lantaese it was a winter storm! Not much snow mostly ice and Saturday it looked all postcard and I know kids were praying that it would continue to cover the ground so on Monday they could have an extra day to relax and catch up on nothing. But as it always is in Atlanta, Sunday brought the sun and thawed any hopes of no school on Monday. Poor kiddies.
I on the other hand would very much like to go to school.
Have you ever slept so much that your body rejects the idea of sleep?'
Did you know that my ceiling has about a half inch of space between the trim and the ceiling?
Did you know that I can drink one of those pint size bottles of Deer Park in one gulp in about 45 seconds?
Did you know that I have 197 DVD'S in the house and at least 10 out on loan?
Did you know that three of the picture on my wall will not stay straight no matter how many time you straighten them?
Did you know that in the Sim's 2 game male sims can have babies and it's funny as hell?
And that also if your sim eats food that's been sitting out they get violently ill and throw up in the toilet?
Did you know that if I don't get out of the house soon I just may lose my fucking mind?

p/s Did you know that Spell check suggested I change fucking with bucking? What the hell would that mean, I just may lose my bucking mind. Not the same ring I think.



Friend of T said...


Friend of T said...

*giggle* counting squares and the gaps in the ceiling. aw, gurl, we'll all be over soon. i have reading material.
sickness insomnia~ the place where the meds stop and the brain keeps going?
something like that happens.
maybe we can even take you all bundles up somewhere in a few days.sit on someone else's couch? true couch surfing!

Friend of T said...

holy crap!
elliott an' i've got cigarettes, beer, and can find ass for you! really. we miss you. we love you. we hope your healing process goes perfectly.
but we don't really have any good gossip. because we don't really go out.
oh, wait. according to the decatur PD, riley's a prostitute.
yup. that wasn't even a little bit fun though.
we miss you!!! and don't freak out about the separation between the ceiling and the trim. so long as no little critters get through, you're fine.
if little critters come through, call orkin real fast.