Sunday, January 30, 2005


There is no way I am going to be able to do this. I don't do idle. I have had to give up all my vices at once and then I have to sit on my ass and do what? I am able to be active for about thirty minutes before I get shots of pain, when I get up to an hour I'm going to take my ass back to work.
Okay you know I'm talking shit and I know I'm talking shit but it's all I have right now so let me gloss over my existence with talk of well, shit. Enough of that, realistically, I have an appointment in two weeks and if the doc says I'm healing nicely and he thinks it's okay if I resume normal activity, I'm gassing up the vue, buying a 12 pack, bumming a cigarette( I only want one) ,going out, getting laid ( even if I have to do it myself), and taking my ass back to work.
Okay, it took about thirty minutes to get that out now I have a date with hydrocodone and my couch. Ouch!
I watched Romeo Must Die today. Alliyah was on her was wasn't she. She died the same day that Jekonni died. I think he's in cool company. Been thinking about him a lot lately, and Jikki, and Lorraine. I had my surgery in the same hospital that Lorraine died in and next door to the crematory where both she and Jikki were cremated.
Someone come visit me soon, I have way too much thinking time on my hands.
Until my next vent!

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Friend of T said...

dewd, that is a lot to think about. you're going to make it, though.heavy weather and situations seem to perpetuate the heavy memory cycle, too.
being in the cold and grey certainly doesn't help matters, but one more day through it is one more day on to being better, or something cheez whizzy ass like that.
i know when i'm all laid up, the ghosts haunt me,'s a good time to remember them when you're at your own edge.lets you know you're in good company either way, and as a reminder to make the most of things when we get back on our feet again >};-)
you know if we hadn't been iced in, we woulda been over there and i woulda been pleading to see PVA. i really want to see it.