Tuesday, October 11, 2005


My whole class is suffering from some kind of adolescent reflux crossed with kiddy alsheimer, add a touch of rainman. Definitely, definitely strange. They just keep yelling out random crazy shit. I have no idea what they are saying. One actually had the nerve to answer his cell phone during a math lesson. I came so close to cursing.
instead I said
"Do you have a problem?"
" I thought it was my dad?"
"why would your dad call you at school?"
"his car might have broken down?"
"what kind of sense does that make? If it did break down what could you do?"
"he could pick me up and I could help him." (in a whinning voice)
" are you injured?"
"are you injured? Did you hit your head or ingest some mind numbing substance?"
"if your dad's car broke down how could he come to pick you up? And what mechanical skills do you have that would make your help more important than say.... A mechanic?"
"answer the phone again in school and it becomes an archeological artifact buried in the bottom of my desk never to be found again."
the entire class,"TURN OFF THE PHONE, STUPID!"
Never a dull moment in middle school.

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