Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too Much Stuff

Wow! Where to begin. This has been and continues to be a very strange month. I had my show in Sautee this past weekend and it was GREAT! Gypsee Yo came down and knocked their socks off! If it wasn't for that straight married thing I'd be so in love with her for different reasons, for now she is one of the most together under thirties I know! And I LOVE THAT!! It's such a rare thing! The show was great!
I came home on Sunday and when I got my son back from his dad he had a fever and was struggling with his breathing.
I thought he's coming down with a cold.
I went to the pharmacy to get Motrin to do the Tylenol and Motrin molotalf cocktail, the sure fire way to reduce a fever quickly.
When I returned his breathing was extremely shallow.
I made a phone call and then off we went to the emergency room.
His dad showed and it was not a pleasant experience for me, to say the least.
How can the phrase "DON'T TALK TO ME!" Translate to talk to me often about shit!
They gave my baby 6 Abuterol treatments in less than 24 hours.
He was running around like a baby crackhead!
Heart buzzing and going, going, going!
They ended up admitting him.
More steroids and breathing treatments.
It's pneumonia, it's asthma, no it's pneumonia, we think it's asthma!
They don't fucking know what it is!
He was treated for both!
Doctors are idiots with licenses.
Z doesn't have insurance because someone (whom I shall be divorced from with the quickness next week! Yeah!) refused to pay the forty bucks a month I requested.
Well I guess he much preferred the more than TWO- THOUSAND dollars he will be charged, because yes, I told them he would be responsible for the bill.
Take all his info including and especially his social security number!
Marriage is almost as big a joke as medicine!
NEITHER of which to me are funny!
And I have a great sense of humor!
Ask me and I will tell you how funny I am DAMMITT!!!!!
I cannot wait until next Tuesday!
I will be seeing you at the BREWHOUSE @9PM to Celebrate!!!!!!!!!
We will be drinking to me never making this mistake again,
Marriage is evil!!!

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Collin said...

Hey sista friend, sorry life is being such a bitch. Hope I'll see you on Saturday at the slam.