Friday, May 19, 2006


He's the soul food
I didn't know I needed
I was starving
and I feasted
and I'm full!
Where the fuck were you last night?
I know where you should have been.
You should have been in that place
where soul stirring
and head bobbing
Were the only things we could do
to keep ourselves in our seats
and the rhythms moved us
and we couldn't dance
but we could bob our heads
and remember our humanity
and remember how to laugh
and how to feel and how
and how
and how
and how could you miss that shit!
Don't do it again!
You have a chance to redeem yourself.
Tonight at Horizons School
Buddy Wakefield, Alice Lovelace and the Art Amok Slam Team ( Stacie B., Theresa D., Phoenix YZ, Calli Starks, Jessica Hand, and Dr. Madelyn H.)
What more do you want!!!
Tonight 8pm be there or miss out!

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