Thursday, May 25, 2006

The criminal mind!

i forget sometimes how big a bitch i can be when provoked.
so i have harranged the thief whitin an inch of his sanity. got my lawyer brother, cop ex brother and law and a host of others to aid me in this mission i like to call
" operation drive a thieving ass mother fucker insane in less than a week cause summer is hear and my boy needs his playstation"
so several threatning e-mails and some eluding to violence and the fact that i'm crazy when crossed this dumb ass responds to my email and i am going to post them

what kind of idiot commits a crime with pictures of himself all over the internet? gave one to the cops, and several to my FRIENDS, they should know who they're looking for. don't you think? you sorta fucked up buddy. pissed off mom!

him, known from now on as the idiot:

first off dont even come at me lik that second i dont even no wat tha hell u are talkin about callin me a theft thrid of all how the hell can i steal something from ur house wen im way in west va. fourth of all my fuckin car doesnt even work but i will tell u wat if anyone in my family gets fuck wit belive i now how to handle it and how ever ur dauther was fuckin wit she needs to put it on them she might dont even no tha nigga and fromwat i heard and no she would would fuck any body

notice how he can't spell
classic thug


tell it to the cops!
you lie like a felon!
you used my fucking card my card at a bp I went there showed your picture so i guess you got an evil fucking twin who looks like you, you fucking idiot. this is not about what you think about anything especially my daughter. is this what you teach that sweet kid you brought to my house. this is about fingerprints you fucking idiot you used my toilet dna. or is that too fucking complicated for you. you are a grown ass man, be a grown ass man not some low life who steals from 5 year olds ant teenagers. you fucked with my family. my family is big and we live in lithonia, decatur and we frequent run n shoots, and you need to learn what your mamma didn't teach you. i'm done you get what the fingerprints the stolen card and the photo id, brings to you. a real man....sorry I forgot who i wasn't talking to. and learn how to spell fro christ sakes!

notice how i misspelled for...i didn't want him to think i was above him

watever folk my mother taught mealot before she died and she told medont fuckwit hoes but watever happeni guess ur daugther brought it on herself cause i told her i was leavin cause she had another nigga comin over but i guess wen i get back ill handle that problem

see how he almost admits to the crime, wants me to feel sorry for him then blames the victim


so metro works in virginia interesting and funny when i had you tracked you we in the city limits silly computers what do they know i talked to my brother THE LAWYER and my brother in law THE COP you should be reminded that you are 22 my daughter is 17 it is against another law for you to be involved on any level with her if you come near her or my home ever again i will unleash the real dogs i'm not a child, and i already have people watching they are just waiting for the word to act keep lying to me and the word will be given My step brother THE EX CON is coming up for a visit this weekend, he'll be in town for a few weeks he likes to play ball too ya'll might run into each other oh wait that is if you're back


you no wat we can be real i want come near her i dont want to i dont fuck wit people that cheat and lie about stupid shit thats wats this all comes down 2 but just to say i dont no y i do tha things i do but look folk u can get ur shit back i havent did anything wit it but im just trippin cause she lied to me its hard and u dont even no where im comin from my nig wen ur all by urself and have no one to turn to are live lifes fuck up dont let ur eyes fool u just cause i drove up in a car but its no even mine im as real as they come but i can be a pain if u no wat i mean but my folk came and got me cause of my livin habits such as bein on tha street havin no where to go or live u people call it homeless i call it survin but lik i saidu can have ur stuff wen i get back but please dont think im doin this cause im scared im just tiredof bullshit

he only thinks he's tired.
i've only just begun.
he admitted to taking and he's still lying because he used my check card. I want him to give me back my shit and go to jail
i can't spell check this thing cause the computer might explode

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