Monday, June 26, 2006

special k
i just had a scary moment.
i went to arby's for the fist time ever this weekend.
damn! that was the best damn sandwich i had had in a long time...
now it could have been hyped up from my altered state but it popped up in my dream so i'm thinking it was a really damn good sandwhich.
i just went to get the mail.
whatever and the dear occupant assorted sales paper thing.
i leaf through...then start searching frantically.
there are no fucking arby coupons!i start seaching all the places my kids drop the mail...
no coupons.
i see them all the time.
i've thrown countless away.
the only one i found expired in may and i experienced a kind of sadness.
then it occurred to me what i was doing.
all i can now, the commercials make so much sense.

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