Thursday, June 08, 2006

the code

my brain was speeding so much yesterday
and my tweaked levels were off the fucking chart
so i decided to go and veg at the movies
can i just sayreading is fundamental
and any movie that is based on a book you should read the book first
the davinci code..the book was awesome
and the movie is Velveeta
not even gouda..the good cheese
they got the disturbing parts right had to close my eyes a couple times over the gore but still it was Velveeta
ronnie let me down a little bit
i am still racing mentally but i did manage to get some sleep
yeah sleep
i hadn't done that in a few days and i probably won't sleep tonight
poetry highs tend to make me restless
our all girl team is amazing
and i think we are ready
ready or not
here we come

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