Thursday, May 31, 2007

i've been mused

Theresa Davis 2007

Darkness can conceal
But it can’t hide
Tender feeling deep inside
A gentle tug a gentle urge
Spoken without a single word
Hard to touch
Even harder to hold
Inside a secret to unfold
Come closer don’t resist

A closeness never felt before
Like this, not like this
The shape of your face your lips
Cause my pen to skip on the page
Imitating my heart, the catch in my breath
The cool touch of fingertips
Across tattooed skin
Warms, heats, engulfs me
Mangles my words
While I try to find something
To do with my hands
You pirouette and pace
Nervous energy at its most graceful
Watching you watch me
Electricity tingling
My skin of fire
This urge to touch you
A sideways glance
An eyebrow raised
A devilish grin
You stutter through my being
Thoughts locked inside my head
Attempt to escape
To paint pictures
Aching to force its way onto pages
A decision to be made
Frustrated by my own fears
Relieved by your honest truths
I float rooted to the spot
Heart pounding pondering
A forever whatever that could mean
Do I fight this feeling?
This need to want you
Let you flow like ink
An opportunity could be missed
If I resist

Your kiss

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