Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Locker Rooms and Fairy-Tales

Locker Rooms and Fairy-Tales we could never get our combination just right 19 – 24 – 42 42 this number splashed across your chest I didn’t see it right away But later it will hang banner like in my mind You were wearing that number when I out-ted us both My skinny legs Wearing cheerleader garb You would be angry for a time We will make up like benediction before the fact You will leave Later you will return Only to leave again Proving That even the most hungry of hearts Can be broken twice And learn on live on I don’t know this back then Recall it now in perfect pitch Listen For the punch line 42 – 24- 19 19 I was nineteen when I rolled up on campus A Prince in purgatory A non conformist They will not get me here And you Weeks later Would get me here Slam my brain against my heart Later it will become relevant I learned the definition of infatuated It rolled off my lips landed between your thighs I learned pleasure in two tongues’ yours and mine conversing daily sometimes more than once I became fluent You dug that shit Soon you will leave I will be devastated While pretending not to be 19 19 – 42- 24 24 twenty-four years later social media will do what I could not find you in 24 hours something I hadn’t managed in 24 years I ask if you are you You tell me you are And we fall back into patterns of 19 and 42 You would think we were discovering new lands Instead of plotting old paths No compass just reaction Fairy-tale mentality mixed with heat We got two years out of it Two years of mixed emotions and regret Two years of why did we think we could go back I wonder If I had found you 24 years before 42 would not have been an issue We might have had 19 years of bliss Or not, but we will never know we could never get our combination just right

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