Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wide Awake in the Middle of the Night

I slept all day for days and now my body does not recognize the night. So I am writing about not being able to sleep and maybe what I write will be so boring that I'll nod off.
I think my friend hid my coat so I can't leave the house,
mind you I have no proof other than the fact that I can't find my coat.

Movies I watched today

Prey for Rock and Roll - Very good! The leading lady was a wanna be rock star turning forty and she was hot!!! Leaving me hopeful that in a few month when I turn forty I will be hot and since I have no real desire to be a rock star I will settle for a poet.

Deuce Bigelow Male Gigol- Stupid funny, every time I see it. Unfortunately laughing really hard for me can be really painful so I had to take a pain killer soon after.

Then as I was dozing I saw this movie about this war that really isn't a war, and how this country is fighting setting up a democratic form of government in this foreign land whether they liked it or not starring some asshole from Texas!

Then I realized I was dozing to the news!

Lost and Delirious - Very depressing

Catwoman - Just cause Halle's suit makes me smile.

Bruce Almighty- Funny, and Morgan Freeman is the coolest God ever!

Fight Club - Had to stop midway cause my friends Stacie and Karen G came over and brought me dinner and movies, will pick it up in my insomnia hours that are happening oh right about now.

We watched the Movie with Jim Carey about erasing your mind cannot think of the title, but it was damn good! Going to have to buy it, excellent!!!!

Then we watched Alien vs Predator - A movie based on total nonsense but entertaining. I especially liked the part where the only survivor is a black woman who kicks major alien ass, like so many of us black women have to do!!

Now that I'm by myself again I am watching the Mexican not sure why? Right now it's background noise with some music.

I will listen to some music and try to write some poetry.
Get off line and get into my mind
to express what it feels like to lose one's mind!
It's a dangerous job but someone has to do it!
And since I'm the only one awake it has to be me!
Where's my damn tights and cape?
Hope they're not in my coat, cause I can't find it!

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shamanic said...

It's called "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Hope you eventually dozed off for real. We'll bring that movie that wasn't in the case by on our way to the show tonight. Hope you're shopping and having a good day.