Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Recovering Some of the Muse

You ever have multiple disappointing relationships? Lots of great times but the not so great parts take you to places you never thought you'd go until you find yourself there, but you couldn't be there because you'd never go there. Remember? Residual angry all over the place. Rough, but when it's shiny it's going in the book.

hungry for full contact
but there is nothing
nothing here is normal
and tasteless tears fill our mouths

tambourines play the perfect soundtrack
all sorrow
and shrill
and going through the motions

ghost in the middle of a haunting we drift
the walls cover their ears
even they are tired of the lies

night slips into darkness
my hands part your thighs
feasting my selfish desire
your pleasure is only a side effect
my starvation has grown full blown
I will consume you until you pass out

the empty
that is this
emaciated existence only
seems to work only if you are unconscious
I put back on my clothes adjust my mask
leave the catacomb that is your bedroom

this new diet is not working for us
you gave up the few words and strung together half thoughts
wishing they could be conversation

if this is purely a physical thing
we can certainly keep up this routine
as long and not fool ourselves into believing
this is anything deeper

we don’t have to feign a relationship
we will we will both starve in
You and I
we can have sex with anyone we chose
but sex alone will not sustain a partnership

I mean,

I've been eating here for months
and I have never once been full

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