Friday, March 11, 2005

What the Fu@!!%!!!!

How is it possible that a person can shoot up a court room in this day and age of heightened security. Why would you have an older woman by herself securing a man known for violence against women and not give her back up. Somebody fucked up big.

Change of subject......
I had a very busy week. I wrote two new pieces and did several open mics. I met this guy at the Yatch Club who wanted a woman's perspective on his relationship. He is with this woman that he thinks he loves. When he met her she had a child and he took care of him as if he were his own. Then he had a child with her. She broke up with him and now she wants to get back with him and guess what she's having yet another mans baby. Can you say doormat?
I don't doubt that he cares for her. He broke down and cried several times during our conversation. He's going to go back to her I just know it. I wish him the best but it makes me sad to watch someone struggle over whether or not they can live with being used because their love is so strong. He believes that if he loves her hard enough she'll realize that he is the one. Love can be a beautiful, warm, sexy, breathtaking, vicious, uncaring bitch.
What can you do? You can run, but unfortunately you will be bodyslammed by love repeatedly. Make sure you're wearing head gear.

And what the hell is Michael doing?
Or thinking?
PJ's in court?
Maybe they can get him to hang out with Martha she can help him, if nothing else she can help him coordinate so at least he matches his PJ's match.

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