Monday, March 21, 2005


I feel like I have arrived, by leaving it's all very cryptic allow me to explain.
I had my first performance out of town and it was awesome!
I traveled to Antioch University in Yellowsprings, Ohio (not sure if the town should be one word or two). My traveling companions were the very brilliant and talented Amanda Kail and Phoenix YZ. What a weekend, on Friday we left 'bout noonish and arrived in Ohio a little after midnight. You would think that we would have been tired but no we were wired and stayed up talking poetry, barley and hops with the amazing Ami Mattison. When you get two or more poets in a room you may not get them out.
The performance on Saturday night was refreshing, fabulous and too much fun to be real. The feeling of doing something you love in front of people who have no idea who the Fuji you are is very empowering. They loved us and not just because we were three hot babes but mostly because we are three hot babes.
After the show we partied till they kicked us out of a club in Dayton, and I mean snatch the drink out of you hand , then the light weights had to go night, night. But those of us who could continued to hang. The conversations we had will save the world. Because of the massive amounts of libations consumed the secrets are temporarily lost but when Ebonie, Ami, and I regrow those lost braincells we will share the secret to all.
I really want to thank those folks for bringing us to the university. It rocked and now I am ready to slam, slam, slam.

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