Monday, November 21, 2005

Cafe Medusa

I feel so sorry for all those who didn't get off their ass and come to 7 Stages this week end! All of you who didn't get the chance to experience the experience known forever more as Cafe Medusa, experienced some kind of abuse. You were culturally, artistically, poetically and creatively abused! Not sure who we report that sort of thing to but you should not allow yourself to suffer such abuse again.
So much art, all ages all sizes, all colors all women all over!!!!!
Even naked ones, on bikes noless!
make sure you get off your duff and make it to the next show at 7 Stages. December 31, 2005 join the Word Diversity Collective for Naked, Pagan and Uncensored!!!!


Kilimanjaro: High and Lo said...

Dang wish i'd known :(

Collin said...

I could hear you and partially see you from my perch at the box office/concierge desk. You rocked, honey!