Friday, January 06, 2006

The L Word Premier

It's new for me to go to a function like this without my friends. Who are all lame and could not come for some strange reason. I mean so what you just had a baby! Women working in fields have babies and pick them up and keep on keeping on! So what your girlfriend wants to spend some quality time with you....That's what tomorrow is for! Just joking....kinda....well, not really. But probably a little bit.
The Wet Bar is an interesting space. I will have to go there again when it is not quite so packed. The bartenders have no soul. The fix wimpy-ass girlie drinks.
I love you TASHA!
Only Tasha can mix a drink where you have to have an extra shot of whatever juice is in your drink to make it okay. Did I mention that I love Tasha!
The episode was funny. Alice is now a drug addicted stalker...didn't see that one coming.
They gave away promotional items away like hats and shirts. I was only half paying attention. I don't like wrestling for merchandise normally. All I saw was something flying at me so instinctively I reached out to catch it before it hit me in the face. It was a cute little L Word canvas hat....ahhhhh.
Then 6-8 women fell on me for it!
Grabbing and pulling!
I am very snagable...long rope-like hair and all,
plus I am old,
and it was a canvas hat, not leather.
I could have been trampled by lesbians for a damn canvas hat!
My only response was, " Now I didn't just get knocked over by a bevy of lesbians. Ya'll broke my fucking wimpy ass drink! I could have slipped a disk! You really want this that bad?
One or to said yes.
Right, like I was going to give it to her when she made The L Word premier a contact sport.
Now that I think about it it is a somewhat contact sport!
Doria played a couple song. She is incredible!
And she remembered me!
All in all it was a good night. I even had some folks ask for my autograph on my Poetic Heart page. That almost made up for the potential concussion and slipped disk..........
Honestly that totally made up for being trampled by lesbians.
I mean if I had to get trampled by a group of people.........

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Collin said...

WetBar is usually a college twink boy bar, although I hear they want more lesbians to come in. Thought that was a strange place to hold The L Word premiere...thought Red Chair would have had that shit all locked up.

L Word was funny...although the whole thing with Alice was sorta crazy. Kinda like Dana's ex running off with Melissa Rivers. Totally unrealistic.

God knows I loves me some crazy Margot Kidder, so I was squealing to see her in the show. Pam Grier and Margot Kidder in one show? Damn...I have died and gone to heaven.