Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year

happy new year!
i have had one strange day.
last night was amazing!
naked pagan and uncensored was awsome.
i did not commit to the naked part cause it was fucking cold in that theater and last thing i need is to have a nipple snatched of by one of my beaded dreads. i had on a skirt and it's been years since i've done that so i feel like we are even. i drank way less than i usually do but the champange wine combination did strange things to me. i woke this morning and have no idea how i got home. i remember telling folks i was leaving ...then i woke up.
i half think someone slipped me a mickey.
the car was parked perfectly i put on pj's the whole nine. can't remember any of it. maybe i'm just old and i'm going to start developing gaps in my memory.

i saw my new godson today.
he's a sweetie!
i annoyed him into a comatose sleep.
i was told he literally popped out landing at the foot of the bed.
thank god for umbillical cords. she was just about to break down and say fuck it to natural child birth. as they were about to do the epidural ,which is a shot in your spinal cord that leaves you numb from the waist down for up to four hours , when the baby hit the panic button and ejected himself out.
that's right baby say no to drugs!

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Collin said...

You rocked NPU, honey!