Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mad In America

God is mad at America!
Has everybody lost their mind!
Why would God waste his time being mad at America!
This kind of statement proves people don't read or understand their own books or rhetoric!
This all knowing being who knows your heart and spirit...Doesn't know that you are a collective fuck up!
Mine does...I guess that means my God is more powerful than yours!
And how petty! If God was really mad at America he would have smitted the lot when we let shrubbery become president before women! I mean what did he say," How dare those people down their be walking around, breathing, and living! KATRINA! I got a little job for you!"
I mean really!
So I suppose he was mad at Asia and sent that Tsunami and earthquake!
Mad at Iraq sent us to bomb them for him!
Mad at religion so he sent Pat Robertson!
Your God is way more angry than mine!
Besides, God delligate destruction to Mother Nature! She's the one you need to be trying to please! She's the one who's pissed! Which is way more mad than mad!
Don't get it twisted!
And don't fuck with Mother Nature!

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nolapoet said...

Check out the speech that DIDN'T get covered: Wynton Marsalis'!