Monday, April 24, 2006

Live from MA

The mini-tour was great!
Our shows were great!
Seeing the cow road kill, not so great.
Sou, Bill and Liberty were excellent hosts and kept us fed watered and full of great conversation.
Tony was so great and made me feel so loved...I love him! We met and talked with so many extremely nice people. I love meeting new people in new places. I have been to MA before but never to Worcester. So I am not even sure if I spelled it correctly and yes I could check but considering I arrived this morning around 6:30 and am now sitting at my desk....I DON'T THINK SO.
I drove for about 5 or 6 hours straight, sorry,
into Atlanta,
hopped out of the car at home,
my intention was to jump in the shower then into my car and go to work.
What actually happened was
I ran into the house pulled out the clothes
I would wear when I got out of the shower.
Turned the light on in the bathroom,
sat on my bed
turned on the TV,
you know for background noise,
and apparently fell asleep.
I'm pretty sure I was asleep
because I woke when
I thought something was crawling on me....
Actually something was leaking from me.
Drool feels like a bug
when it's running down your arm
and you didn't know you were sleep...
Don't cha think?
I was at work by 9:30...
not to shabby and I only look a little glazed over,
I have warned my students,
that the sleep deprived can be unpredictable and dangerous
so they should tread lightly.
All got it but one who replied...
"The last time somebody said that was when I was at Hogwarts and professor..."
I cut him off with a stare, then went into the hallway and laughed my ass off.
Apparently the sleep deprived also find silly shit funny...
but it was really funny....
My sarcasm and smart-ass classes are going quite well,
all A's!!!

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Collin said...

Welcome home, honey. Glad to hear your trip north was a smash. We must compare notes. You need to come to the Austin Poetry Festival next year. :)