Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I keep forgetting to do that
it helps to do that every once in a while

last night was great
i was featured at a literary circle with jessica care moore as one of the young gifted and black poetic women of atlanta.
young.....that is some funny shit.
i'm not ancient..yet.....
the women have had very little exposure to performance poetry and had never heard of slam
they were very sweet and promised to come to a slam in the future
it was a nice night....i felt so young ...giggles....

i am on an emotional rollercoaster
it is soooooooooooo not fun
in a constant state of cloudy
i have to snap myself out of this
the grind begins wednesday and i am so excited
poetry and parties 2 parties 3 shows
if i don't have some fun
something is really wrong with me
i am also trying to arrange a second date
why is this scary to me now?

oh...i know why halloween is coming....
or it could be that i am a ginormous chicken shit
or it could be that i was hurt more than i realized
blindsided i think is more accurate
and the prospect of being hurt again scares me
but if i don't do something soon
i'll be stuck to wallowing in this hurt
time to do something
i need my mind back in full force
i don't like the wafting about

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