Friday, October 27, 2006

relocation - reconnection

well, it seems cliterati will have a new home
and as i embrace new ways to change
i believe it is a good thing
cleanse our lenses
new perspectives
these women are amazing
and the fact that they allow me to hang out with them
the cherry on top
in another type of relocation
i have endured some shit
a lot of shit over the years
some roses have grown from some of the shit
other heaps just stink to high heaven
i've learned that the old way i used to think
may not work in the current climate
i meet a lot of people and the majority of them are genuine
but the ones i meet and
i give them genuine up front points
are fucking nuts
it's ok
i'm getting a slightly better gauge on things these days
i have to keep my own rules clearer
not stray from the plan
under 30 .... bad
except in the case of someone who has to remain nameless
funny been running from that one for more than a minute
and honestly believe i'd have been
happier if i had stopped running
as i keep running into this one again and again
and almost always on the tail of something
really fucked happening to me or around me
the original folks i hung out with in the beginning of this ride
were the most fucking honest
i have learned that i cannot tolerate dishonesty
the knee jerk reaction to smack wells up
and if i'm not quick
my hand or tongue starts flying
and the
i gives not a shit
attitude i've worked really hard to reshape
comes back with a vengeance
so i know where my base is
and i will be recommitting myself to them

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