Wednesday, October 04, 2006

She's an Idiot!

did you know that if you read Harry Potter you are being indoctrinated into a religion whose practices are evil?
see and here i thought you were just reading a fucking book.
see now that i know that that's all it takes to be indoctrinated into anything
i think i'll read a book on treating medical maladies
so that i can be indoctrinated into the medical profession
i don't have to just play a doctor on TV
i can be one cause i read a fucking book...
ooooo, i could read a book on psychology..
be indoctrinated into that profession
and figure our why my ex is a nut
and it'll be true
all my diagnoses because i read a fucking book
that gave me the power to know all....
wait to be indoctrinated into a practice that practices......
it sounds so logical
reading is is way more fundamental than i thought it was...
i could read a book about space and
be indoctrinated into NASA fly the fucking space shuttle
cause you know, i read a book...
i read the entire constitution once
does that mean that i've been indoctrinated into a political system that practices the random fucking over of a people
and could i then run for president...cause i read it
it's not a book but i'm sure its in a book
and we all know that all it takes is to read something and you could be indoctrinated

laura mallory has way to much fucking time on her hands
she wants to remove the Harry Potter books from the school libraries
i think maybe a better idea is that she remove them from her library and stop being stupid in public
she doesn't want macbeth, a mid summers night dream, or the wizard of oz removed
fucking hypocrite
she hasn't even read the fucking books
how can you have an informed opinion
if you youself is uninformed
thank goddess she's not a teacher
let's hurry up and close those minds kiddies
we would hate to have to be free thinkers
you can't ban some without banning them all
stupidity and closed mindedness really get my goat

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