Wednesday, November 29, 2006

and then there were three

so yesterday was the beginning of reality math, always marked by the births of the sugar babies.
10 students 11 sugar babies, yes one lucky student had twins. there was a 20 minutes of complaining and whining....
"i don't want a boy."
"i don't want a girl."
"i'm going to dress him like a girl anyway cause i want a girl!"
i can see the issues growing. the had a day to decorate their child.
and one of my not so creative sweeties made his baby boy a diaper. he was working so hard. when he got through he proudly displayed the finished garment modeled by his sugar baby. before i could comment,ms. shakur piped in with, " why is your baby wearing a thong? ms. theresa that right there, that's child abuse or pornography or something. he must be getting his designs from r kelly's version of baby gap. that's wrong, ms theresa!"
i had to excuse myself to the ladies room so my laughter wouldn't stifle creativity but damn that girl has a wicked sense of humor.....i'd like to think i had something to do with that......(tear on cheek pride moment).
only two took headers off the tops of desks.
one required a band-aid.
the babies are weighed after the 14 day experiment and the one closest to 5lbs wins points.
they all start with 100 points.
they can gain or lose points based on care. children left unattended for too long will be kidnapped cause shit happens and sometimes it happens to you, the ransom 75 points. i already have the ransome notes.

and it just so happens that the llama had her foal, colt, spawn what the hell are their babies called? i will look it up..... CRIA. a baby llama is called a cria. i have never heard of this..don't lie neither have you. see i told you they want my arms and now there are three of them stalking me......


Dustin Brookshire said...

so how was it handled when a sugar baby died?

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

they have to research funeral costs for children in ga.
it may happen this year as well....they are not being very responsible