Thursday, November 02, 2006

beyond pissed

i am barely keeping it together
my son's teacher is a freak
and she tried to remove my son from a class
because he disagreed with her and refused to go
you send his ass to the office
you can even come tell me and i'll send his ass to the office
but you do not put you fucking hands on my child
i have not slapped the shit out of her yet but it is around the bend
i don't know what's up with this week
people testing their boundaries with me
i am not in a good place emotionally
i am not in a great place mentally
and i am tired of being pushed up on
and not pushing back
and i am tired of resisting my inner bitch
so i'm not anymore
she's been dormant too long i think
it's time i let her out to play
tread carefully
she has been released

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