Wednesday, December 06, 2006


so, during music class i ducked out to get some lunch
i have a looooooong day today.
i stop in at a bp to get gas and there is a man there going off on the cashier.
he is shouting at the man because the water at the store is to expensive.
he's shouting things like,"this is the same water they sell at home depot and lowes and it's cheaper there!" then he makes a comment about folks from the middle east under his breath just loud enough for me to hear it.
i have been crunchy for several weeks.
for those of you not hip to the theresanary book of internal definitions, crunchy is a state of irritation that doesn't differentiate or discriminate which means pretty much anything can flip my switch.
this comment flipped my switch. so after sizing him up I clear my throat loudly
cause he's holding up the fucking line and he says to me..excuse you,
my eyebrow shoots into my hairline. i clear my throat again and say," if you would like cheaper water sold to you buy americans then take your not so happy ass down the street to lowes, you are holding up the line. either buy the fucking water or leave and please feel free in the future not to excuse me. you need to apologize for your slur!"
"i'm not slurring my words, you trying to say i'm drunk."
"would explain the need for water, but no. i'm talking about your racial slur, which might be taken as racism. you buying the water or not cause i'd like to pay for my gas and get the hell out of here."
he bought the water and glared at me.
cheap ass. i am not offended by the prices of water, water should be free so the fact that it's not offends me.
in crunchy mode i am unaffected by idiots, assholes and dumb-shits. and a dumb-shit and an idiot have lots in common, but they are different.

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