Monday, December 25, 2006

stay home

must not leave the house again today
i have never seen a person get hit by a car
that was my christmas present about 2pm
i scream and slam my breaks like i was the one who hit him
dialing 911 watching the person who hit this guy almost drive away
myself and the three other motorist who stopped in their tracks yelling at him to fucking stop and shouting locations to 911 operators
i want to believe that if it was the middle of the night
no cars on the road
that he would have stopped
checked on this poor man
i want to believe that people care
and that he is one of those people.....
or would he have gone about his day
like he didn't impact someones world
they moved the man
his head was in the street
feet resting on the sidewalk
he almost made it across
when i saw blood i got no closer
i just kept saying i don't think you should move him
he was dazed, bloody and talking when i drove away
i could hear the ambulance in the distance
i looked the driver in the eyes before i pulled away
if he hadn't had an audience
if no one else had stopped
he would have driven away
his eyes told me so

1 comment:

Collin said...

Holy shit. That is not a good Christmas day vision. Glad you stopped...most people wouldn't.