Sunday, December 17, 2006

tongue tied

damn 1 minute poem
i will be victorious
wait till the next slam

a haiku for the one minute poem

so, tell me if this has ever happened to you.
you are walking down the street.
you hear some one coming up behind you saying," hey, hey you. I know you!"
you turn in the direction of the approaching voice, no recollection.
i have no poker all.
"i knew it was you," she says.
still no recollection, but i smile cause she's smiling.
"we are friends."
my expression doesn't change much because i still have no fucking idea who she is and my metal rolodex is spinning to the point of dizzy.
then she says, " i recognize your hair from my space."
seems my hair is more popular than i.
well i have put lots of new trinkets in so it is quite dashing.
ya gotta love my space.

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