Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mr. stripey gone from this world

as we find ourselves gathered
on this beautiful day in December
to say goodbye to our aquatic friend Mr. Stripey.
he was a good fish, no he was a great fish.
his living space was always clean.
he was always polite in the mornings without coffee unlike many of us.
he never called anyone names but kept a smile on his face.
we now will say goodbye to mister stripey.
i go to flush him.
a scream.
it's dark in the toilet!
how do you know i ask?
that's not an answer, have you ever been flushed in the toilet.
nooooo. many voices.
i imagine it to be liberating like the final roller coaster ride your life.
i'm scared to ride roller coasters so the toilet will be scary.
somehow i've proved her point. don't fuck with first grade't do it.
so they build a fishy coffin.
the dig a fishy grave.
a student presides over the grave side ceremony.
it's very cute, sweet and twisted at the same time.
we watch them pretend to cry, holding on to one another. one kid pretends to faint.
mr. stripey will be missed for about 5 minutes only remembered before the next fishy funeral.
we average about three a year.


gary's getting a bad rap.
the first and second grade have accused
gary the snail of killing mr. stripey the gold fish.
i told them snails are decomposers not killers and assured them that gary wouldn't have eaten mr. stripey's eye if he had not been dead.
morning gross out...sorry.
gary the snail's reputation has been soiled.
he may need representation before this scandal is over.
poor gary!!!

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