Wednesday, January 31, 2007

boob alert

it is my opinion that somethings
shouldn't happen to nice boobies.
my boobies aren't the best boobies in the world,
but they are nice. the mammogram machine. not nice.
boobies don't fold.
i found it difficult and uncomfortable to
stand facing one direction while
my boobie was forced to play twister with
a machine whose sole purpose is taking pictures
while squashing said nice boobie.
i was told my boobies are dense.
not dense meaning dumb and i realize
dumb people are often called boobs,
but my boobies are quite intelligent as boobies go i think.
for instance they know instinctively
when i am attracted to someone and
get perky kind of a go for it thumbs up..
only with nipple action.
i was told that with dense(not dumb)
boobie tissue a more accurate test would be a sonogram.
then the bastard man sends the order for a mammogram.
now if a sonogram will do the same thing
without the squishing it would seem that
that would be the main form of testing.
if men had to stick their willies into
a machine that twisted and smashed,
someone would come up with a better fucking test.
i feel for the flat-chested.
i was one of them before having children.
the things that machine could do to flat-chested women
....i shudder to think.
i took an extra mammo-wipe because..well it's funny.
now that i am over forty i get to have one of these every couple years!


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