Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a work in progress

Sharp edges slicing through timelines
Wrapped in barbed wire
Placed in capsules
Never meant to be opened
Locked away
Rusty keys
Fist gripped
Like angry words
There’ve been times
When I’ve held my tongue
Denied my voice
Spared others
A regurgitation of heartache
Messy and filled to the brim with anguish
My past
A gag reel exposing soft parts
Weaknesses that long to be protected
The lighting is bad here
My imperfections look better in low light
Flashes of what was etch stitches of pain on the present
These images of you tattooed on my eyelids haunt my dreams
I try to rid myself of memories of you
This persistence depiction
Of me splayed while you hack me to pieces
With my dreams
Disorganize my thoughts
Mugging me
Leaping forward
At moments to divest me of my peace
When I am vulnerable
These thoughts of you
Our past
Amplify the present
And this present
The on without you
Is bad enough
Without reverb

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