Friday, January 12, 2007


it has been a little over a year since the flaming fan of death incident.
last night i had vivid dreams of the fire stepping on the flaming melted plastic and metal over and over again.
then the hot flashes kicked in. not sure if they were authentic or dream induced but i had twinges all night. i found myself limping this morning.
right now there is an ache that's not really there.
phantom pains.....strange wondering if it will be one of those injuries that flairs to warn me of something ahead.

for those who don't know but want to, in October 2005 at about 2-3 in the am the box fan in my daughter's bedroom catches on fire. they yell out FIRE!!! i stagger into the room and pick up the flaming fan. the flames go for my face, as i am duck walking it to the bathroom to put out in the tub, and i realize my hair is loose. i step backwards and my foot lands in a puddle of melted plastic and metal. i get the fan in the tub, put it out. fling open windows and go back to sleep. later the burn has turned into something else well it's still a burn but it's really bad, 3rd degree. i try to go to work. i am retarded. i end up at the emergency room, and leave with crutches and one of those funky boot shoes that make everything you wear look bad. the shoe lasted two days.the burn several months.

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