Saturday, January 06, 2007

Last Night

what a great way to kick off a new year in spoken word.
the event was amazing!
i got to release my inner pirate in front of clergy and two of them want me to do spoken word sermons at their church. wtf
katz and i began the evening having a conversation with a priest.
we were talking shit to each other and he was trying to edit his poem so as not to offend the preachers. the priest walked by, we put on our good little poets faces and the priest pulled out a cigarette. we both wore faces of ...huuuuuuu
i lit him up.
katz asked if he could say what he wanted to say and if the priest would tell him if it was offensive.
the priest was like," that's the shit some people need to hear."
our jaws are dropped and there might have been drool.
he gives us a mini sermon where we find out he's queer and god made him the way he is and he wasn't going to let the bullshit of the church stop him from being a preacher.
we jawed for a minute then katz and i were called to begin.
i opened, bad idea.
i have never had standing o's while still performing. the priest sitting up front was glowing so and digging every word.
kats won he cursed way more than me and people up on their feet throughout.
after, the priest walks up to me and say, " i had no idea who i was talking to, you are fucking incredible! you are saying all the things that need to be said. i started my church because i got tired of hearing all the bullshit. would you be interested in doing a sermon at my church. my congregation would love you."
i asked if the sermon was like an open mic.
i think I'm going to do it.
i said this year i wanted to try new things.
this i think definitely qualifies!

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Collin said...

You are a rock star poet no matter where you go!!!