Thursday, January 25, 2007

Road Rage

so my 6 year old son has the best sense of humor in the world.
i know most mom's think their children are the cutest, smartest, most talented and most beautiful children in the world.
it just happens to be true in my case.
so i am merging into highway traffic doing at least 50 when it comes to a sudden halt before the end of the merging ramp. i curse. i am trying to get in the left lane and these bastards won't let over and i say,"damn bastards, let me over!"
a truck pretends not to see me and i have to lay on the horn. i believe i called him an asshole.
my son says,"mom, maybe this movie should be restricted."
i look in the back seat where there are at least 4 movies, the whole dvd in the car thing.
"what movie?"
"this one."
"which one?"
i am craning my neck to see which movie and trying to change lanes at the same time and i see that he is pointing around the car.
"which movie?"
"the one we are in, because you're cussing!"
he's hilarious...i heart him!

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