Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Curse of the Grill

Can I just say that Amanda Kail rocks and she is my shero!!!!!
And Phoenix Y Z is amazing!!!
We have such a great time, and Malika, Elliott, and Rachael helped to hold it down!!!
Can I let you all in on a little secret? Get closer....Closer......CLOSER......
Women Poets will one day soon RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't tell anyone I so enjoy the look of surprise on the faces of the dominated.
I crack myself up.
So the new Lowe's in Little 5......SUCKS a lot.
No one there knows what the fuck they are doing.
It's like watching the learning challenged channel.
They called me to tell me my grill was ready at 1 o'clock.
I said I'd be there at 2. So why did I have to wait an additional 45 minutes
to get the damn thing and it was shaky.
They kept walking around like they had no idea where
the grill could be and like they were lost. Kept asking each
other if it was a seasonal or outdoor item. I'm thinking it's an
outdoor item that I'd like to have before next season,
thank you very f*!!%ing much.
The the same chick who first helped me kept asking me
if she could help me. I'm like help me find my damn grill!
Then she wanted me to sign something that said I received
what they couldn't f$&*ing find.
When I looked at her like she was the nut she is, she said "Oh, don't worry we gonna find it and the you won't have to wait to sign this form then."
Yes, I fought the urge no the desire to slap her silly but damn.
And people wonder why I curse!
I know they are new but it would be nice if the employees knew what the hell they were doing.
I tightened up the grill and tomorrow some carcass will be barbecued!!!!


amanda said...

hey cindy lou

i am so new to this shit that i just figured out how to respond to a blog. (i just learned how to use a cell phone like, 3 months ago, but whatever- talk about short bus...)

so...um...thanks for the shout out. *shucks* i'm all bashful and shit. just know it's mutual. i am so glad to poet with you. you are a much needed shot in the arm of this damn dragggin' poetry scene. just keep talking world domination and feeding me beer- it's bound to happen eventually...


iconpoet said...

Hey now...there are a couple of guy poets who can hold their own now. Don't leave us out of your New World order. Personally, I won't mind seeing the sistas rise(U know, I kinda like it when the women are on top) But I digress...