Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I went to Javaology last night.
It was very cool, coffee a bit expensive, but a nice spot.
The open mic is called The Womb Room.
The name made it a little weird to see all the guys their.
The name makes for a space that kids could come to. You have to keep it clean!
I can do that but sometimes a nicely place four letter word does the trick.
I was good.
The only four letter word that escaped was BUSH!
Now that's fucking profanity.
While there I ran into Lady, John Goode, Abyss and Cocktails.
Also this very nice gentleman drew a picture of me while I was performing.
It was very nice.
I like great open mics! I really like new ones. I should be doing one myself ( with Alice of course) very soon.
It's a great spot! Check it out !!!!!

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shamanic said...

I linked you at Simianbrain. And I had too much fun Tuesday night with my ginger ales and laughter.

"Goddamn republican crackhead" really says it all in the next post though.